Author A Returner's Magic Should Be Special
Hahaha the mods censor everyone that provides alternate links.
Anyway you guys know where to go to read the chapters without going to right?
Even if you don't you can just google the name.
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That’s two manga series that have pulled their English translators. I hope this doesn’t happen to another series.
@bosswoman Time to learn French
40k followers with 1 english chapter available. Haha
OMG just saw what happened. So disappointed right now. Hope this doesn't happen to Solo Leveling or I'd lose my shitttt😩😞😞
Oh wow i didn't even notice the name was censored lol.
someone toss me a link to where I can read it up at? Screw the mod hiding it.
Man you mods really don't want other people recommending websites so they can keep up on these :^)
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Fuck Jaiminis box for there retarded antics man, its hard enough to find a decent hub.
How is this the fault of Jaimini's Box?
You mean aside from the fact that they pulled all their chapters after Holo refused to suck their dicks and called then out on their shit, i.e. lying on their Patreon (claiming they need at least need $45 per trip to the store to pick up the latest jump magazine for "traveling expenses") and funneling traffic to their site via delays which, by the way, has a bitcoin miner and is infested with ads? Other than that the only thing I can think of is the fact that they snipe official translations which basically steals money from the authors.
This site will remain my primary, but as with Solo Leveling, I'll just use .

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No wander the relation between translators and readers is so shit.
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@jacough I don't keep up with release group drama, I just read stuff on here so I was genuinely curious how this was their 'fault'. If they're that bad why are other groups joining them? Or are all these mangas being removed ones they worked on.
@Amelisande no need to really pay attention to this tbh. Everybody involved just had their own separate agenda or ideas of how things should run and this time these agenda and ideas just doesnt line up which pretty much led to what we have right now.

What starter this was supposedly some group saying bad things about a scanlator who receive donations. Another group who is friend of the scanlator tried to start a bandwagon to stop this. Mangadex intervene because the bandwagon was done in a chapter comment section. This friend group got pissed and called all of his friend to pull out of Mangadex which is what we have right now.

On the defense of the scanlators groups, they did mention Mangadex hasnt been fair to them and are trying to throw them under the bus by going official. From reading many threads, the part about throwing under the bus and going official has been "clarified" by Mangadex staff in this thread ( But to this day, I still dont understand the part about Mangadex being unfair to them so I cant really sympathize with the scanlators much.

Please dont make conclusion based on my statements here as I probably sum everything poorly and didnt know much more than the average people do.

So why is this JB's fault? I dont think its their fault tbh. JB is just one of the group that got called. People just got pissed over this because JB has been pretty much for profit for a really long time (pretty obvious if you see how they behave) and they tried to take the high horse in this argument, thats all there is to it.

Edit: Forgot about this. Another reason why those groups are pulling out of Mangadex is because apparently they have been getting hateful comments (in discord and Mangadex comment section) and they think its Mangadex's fault for not reigning these people, or at least the one on Mangadex's comment section. Pretty stupid reason if I had to say so myself. Stupid people will exist no matter what, and given how they're pretty much a pro at this business they'd be pretty resistant to these stuffs but apparently not.

Edit2: On a side note, the new group thats doing this series is not really related to the whole issue (I think, could be wrong) and are just trying to bring more traction to their website through reddit. Since the link in reddit will always go to their website while Mangadex delay is maxed at 2 weeks.
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@Nakanowatari "What starter this was supposedly some group saying bad things about a scanlator who receive donations" Not "bad things". Lies. Would you not care if someone called you a pedophile in your workplace? And for what? For the lulz and for the joy of trolling. Or lies like that guy under you, @Jacough is saying: JB site is bitcoin-infested... Lol.

"Pretty stupid reason if I had to say so myself. Stupid people will exist no matter what, and given how they're pretty much a pro at this business they'd be pretty resistant to these stuffs but apparently not."

So if you are a professional, you should just take the shit that is thrown at you... in your opinion.

I think you should learn more about what professionalism is about, but oh well, I hope that you make by how you described the act... every day at your own job. :-) Thankfully, most people (obviously not you) just get rid of unneccessary background noise in their lives, job or not.


In my eyes, MD prioritises their community, but that community (and generally this site) would be nothing without scanlators uploading their stuff here. At least according to their own rule 2.3 and 2.4 which states no chapters can be uploaded if an active group does not want to... Unless...

If anything, this whole ordeal was great to get a better grip on how MD truly works, like not deleting chapters, just hiding them. Kind of reminds me of other companies that get shitstormed for not permadeleting info/data...

Feels like they are waiting for groups to get inactive only so then they can restore their chapters? That would totally remind me of other aggregate sites... but with no ads! Totally different. :) Thankfully I'm just one of their million reads, so my opinion hardly counts.

On your Edit2: Returner's changed scanlators a 3 or 4 times since Meraki dropped it. Why? Because "community members" like those on this page feel too entitled to their chapters, as soon as possible. Maybe if they could show a little restraint by their "rightful demands" they would still be able to read Returner's here and wouldn't have to go to other sites to read it (of course shitting on MD too while on their route to these aggregators, it's ridiculous, really :D).

So, if entitled readers demanding chapters while talking shit about scanlators (unrestricted, unmoderated as you can see under) can do their stuff, while exactly cant scanlators do their stuff and pull their chapters off? They are hurting free readers on an aggregate site, not their paying ones on their own site. :-o Oh poor leechers who are unable to go to a different site for every manga. :-(

(And btw, this train of thought can continue to why MD should even care more about scanlators that take off their content, which wouldn't be wrong either - apart from the fact that good luck finding anyone who will be willing to upload their chapters here again -... but the fundamental difference is that MD itself was the reason why the whole situation evolved to this stage. Coincidence? Only staff knows.)
so how long do i hafto wait for this to return?

or the only thing i can do is looks somewhere else?
Would you not care if someone called you a pedophile in your workplace?

Not really since I'm not a pedophile in the first place and only idiots would believe that shit when there's no evidence to back it up, especially since I date older women, usually in their late 30s to 40s.
I think you should learn more about what professionalism is about, but oh well, I hope that you make by how you described the act... every day at your own job.

I've worked security at a high end resort before where dealing with assholes was just part of the job. You want to know how I kept assholes from getting me fired? By keeping my composure which is exactly what a professional does, not by throwing a tantrum like JB did.
As for the rest of your argument, I've said it before and I'll say it again. Any scanalator who feels entitled to payment is an asshole. How much of the money do you think they're getting from donations are actually going to the original authors of the series they translate? I can tell you right now it's not even a fraction of it, hell, not even a fraction of the $45 "they need for traveling expenses". Expecting to make make a profit off another person's work is just a really shitty thing to do.
That especially goes for JB considering they do translations for series that are already getting official translations. My Hero Academy, Promised Neverland, We Never Learn, all of those are being scanalated by JB despite them getting official English translations, and said official translations are what gets the authors paid. Trying to cut in and profit off that shit is just a straight up dick move.
Dont get me wrong. I'm not saying all scanalations are evil. There's a lot of series that will never get official English translations. If you're an actual fan of the series though and want to share it with people who don't speak moon rune, that's pretty cool. Share that shit, encourage people to buy the original Japanese versions if they're still being published, and if they officially get English translations drop that shit like it's a live grenade and encourage people who don't speak moon rune to buy those official translations. Do it out of love of the series, not because you want to make money. If you want to make money off of doing translations, get a real fucking job with a publishing company so you actually feed those poor mangakas while doing so.
@Jacough Amen brother
@Amelisande most of these group are actually 1 big group, behind the scene most of them are the same people, Meraki scan is no longer the meraki we used to know back then, they just bought his name.
Why do they split into the groups then? If everyone is more or less the same people, just all part of one big group, why go to the trouble of doing multiple scan groups and not just one main big group? The only two reasons I can see is either A) Split into project specific groups which only deal with one or 2 manga with fast release dates, or B) to farm readers for money by double or triple "charging" the same person with misguided donations. Getting readers to essentially donate to the same people many times over because they think they are all different people.

I really hope it isn't the second one.