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Kemokko Dobutsuen!
5/27 chapters

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Jinrou e no Tensei, Maou no Fukukan
6 chapters / 9? chapters (2 Volumes Total)
1 year ago ( )
Reason group dropped:
"The series was dropped by the official publishers at volume 2 and a new version took its place with a new artist.
Problem is, the new art style of the series isn’t to our (and the groups who wanted to joint project it before) taste whatsoever."
(Source: )
Mangadex Raws Link: (from the mangadex page but looks like they may be for the remake below)

Jinrou e no Tensei, Maou no Fukkan: Hajimari no Shou
Series Link on MangaDex: None
0/17 Chapters
Looks like the mangdex raws link for the original is for this one (the remake).
@cgr Sorry! I should of noticed the release of all chapters being on the same day :x My mistake.
39 chapters (8 volumes) released in english, current publication is at 54 chapters (12 volumes) and ongoing
November 8 (they just announced it today)
Reason group dropped: translator retired
Tankoubon raws:
Magazine raws: probably not unless you can find/request scans of Monthly Hero's
Man I can't even remember which of my favorite manga got dropped and which have been picked up, but not updated in forever... I'll go with one that is definitely not being scanlated right now

Yamada Tarou Monogatari
10/14 volumes translated (Plus one chapter from vol 11)
Last update: 09/10/13
Reason dropped: I think it was dropped because of a lack of staff... That was 5 years ago
Raws: It's kind of old. Scanalations on this started back when the internet was still relatively young, and the series itself is 20 years old...
31/149 chapters scanlated
Last update: 10/05/2015
@waterflame, np, I think checking on mangaupdates to see how much far behind translations are, and the latest translated chapter works most of the time
@anuanuanu Secretary to the Managing President ch1~3 can be found on others sites like mangarock and viz (account is free):
@moozooh, Ajin is fully translated on other sites like mangarock, and
@Raycu : I strongly advise you to check mangaupdates 'Status in Country of Origin', and the amazon link in mangadex:
maou to hisho is only behind by 3 chapters,
Kawaii Joushi wo Komarasetai, oddman 11, and Survival Shounen s no Kiroku are all fully translated:
Kawaii Joushi wo Komarasetai's next volume will be released in January,
Survival Shounen's recent volume was released this February, so next one should be out in a month or so (it's probably a slow monthly series)
I'm not sure about Oddman 11, but the author is writing several different series, so either read his other works or pray that he focuses on this one more.

togari shiro
7 chapters / 3 volumes (volume 1 was 5 chapters)
I don't know the reason

denpa kyoushi
145/247 chapters
I don't know the reason because I can't read the language on this site:

rappi rangai
8/9 volumes
I don't know the reason
I think you can download raws from this site:{q}&pct=books&data2=1614200461.534870.266d36634f.18078.6c5fdf293d1ee733ba95a856b1ad6252

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Futaribocchi Sensou
3/11 chapters scanlated
10/1/17 (Oct 1.)
The group said they couldn't fit the series into their schedule anymore, hence the drop.
Majo no Kaigashuu
1/13 scanlated (Manga is still ongoing)
It was a lone scanlator/typesetter, she couldn't keep the manga in her schedule
Suppose I should link this other thread
Ergo Proxy: Centzon Hitchers and Undertaker
09 Feb 2010

Shinreigari: Another Side
2/?? (it's 2 volumes)
10 Aug 2008

No idea about raw availables

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Series Name: One Outs
Series Link:
Chapter Progress: 135/175 (untranslated chapters: 33-53, 63-81)
Date of last release: 2014-01-11
Reason group dropped: Don't know
Raws available:

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Series Name: Hanayamata
Series Link:
Chapter Progress: 8/76
Date of Last Release: 2 years ago
Reasons of Dropping: Abandoned
Raws Available: I can PM you with them.
First time here, though I've been following since last year.

Already went through the whole thread so far in order to not repeat titles.
I'd like to clarify beforehand -and apologize if necessary- for the fact that I generally have problems with the "drop reason" and "available raws"; the first being due to the fact that I was not able to find details about the original group (if it existed). As for the second, I take you obviously mean non-piracy sources; however the most I can generally tell is, raws can be gotten from established online websites.

3/32 chapters scanlated (including chapter 0)
Date of last release: unknown (uploaded by unknown group at batoto website more than one year ago)
Reason of dropping: unknown (not known who did the chapters)
Raws available: yes, see MD link above

The Elementary School Student That I Love
8/76 chapters scanlated (ongoing)
Date of last release: more than 2 years ago
Reason of dropping: yomanga/gomanga disbanded, re-emerged as mangazuki but were no longer interested
Raws available: yes, see MD link above

Boku no Chi de Yokereba
1 chapter (the oneshot) out of 2 volumes
Date of last release: more than 5 years ago
Reason of dropping: not sure; probably group that did oneshot was not interested or disbanded before it
Raws available: yes (some few chapters got leaked at jcafe website)

This one is actually recent, but aside of the -foul done- only chapter, no one is taking it
1/unknown chapters scanlated (ongoing?)
Date of last release: 7 months ago? (see MD link above)
Reason of dropping: unknown; recent manga
Raws available: yes

I'd not be sure about this ones since it has its respective anime adaptation, but just in case.
51/70 chapters scanlated
Date of last release: more than 3 years ago
Reason of dropping: group probably disbanded
Raws available: yes

Finally, I'd like to mention, if luckily possible, whether it could be possible in the future to consider the Sci-Fi Harry manga. Even if it also has its respective anime adaptation, it'd be good if original manga version could be scanlated one day. Unfortunately, looks like a quite "underground" story since it doesn't seem like raws can be easily gotten...

Zephyrus OP

Just wanted to step in and let you know that we are still keeping an eye on this thread. What a response! There are some amazing titles and it'll be hard to choose from them.

Please keep continuing to post. =)
Series Name: Nightmare Funk
Series Link on MangaDex:
Chapter Progress: 2/4 volumes(I think it has 4ch/vol so I guess 8/16 chapters)
Date of last release: 10 months ago. 01/17/18
Reason group dropped: /a/ released 2 vols within 2 months then halted.
Raws available: No clue = D
Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiinda ga
The whole manga is completed but only 13 chapters were translated ?

Thanks for doing this Mangadex-Team! ?
Series Name: Nikujo no Susume
Chapter Progress: 02/Ongoing
Last Release: Last year.
Reason: Probably dead?
Raw: Yes

Series Name: Gyaru to Otaku wa Wakari Aenai.
Chapter Progress: 07/Ongoing
Last Release: 3 Months ago
Reason: Practising JP language.
Raw: Yes

Series Name: Fure Fure Shoujo
Chapter Progress: 02/14
Last Release: 5 years ago
Reason: Dead since 2014
Raw: Yes

Series Name: I Became the Class Representative
Chapter Progress: 05/Ongoing
Last Release: 2 years ago
Reason: Idk, both dead since 2016
Raw: Yes

Series Name: Koi Koi 7
Chapter Progress: 24/52
Last Release: 9 years ago.
Reason: Dead since 2010.
Raw: Yes.

Series Name: Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto - Natsu no Sora
Chapter Progress: 02/10
Last Release: 10 years ago.
Reason: Dead since 2008.
Raw: Yes.

Series Name: Imouto wa America-jin!?
Chapter Progress: 01/20
Last Release: 2013-2014?
Reason: Triggered.
Raw: Yes.
3/9 volumes
I don't know the reason
not sure, maybe here?:

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Ateya no Tsubaki
Chapter Progress: 14/ongoing
Date of last release: over 3 years ago
Raws available:

Cross and Crime
Chapter Progress: 32/115
Date of last release: over 3 years ago
Raws available:

Chapter Progress: 26/45
Date of last release: 11 months ago
Raws available:

Apart Mate
Chapter Progress: 9/28
Date of last release: over 4 years ago
Raws available: