Author Dropped Manga Wish List
Name: MPD Psycho
Progress: 13/24 volumes
Last release: Mangadex says 2 years, but it's definitely more than that ( it ended in 2016). I'm pretty sure they stopped like 10 years ago.
Raws: available for all 24 volumes, can find them easily on DL sites under 多重探偵サイコ raw
Series Name: Urasekai Picnic
Series Link on MangaDex:
Chapter Progress: 05/??
Date of last release: 6 months ago
Reason group dropped: No idea
Raws available?: probably
Series Name Ikusa x Koi
Series Link on MangaDex
Chapter Progress (for example 20/600 chapters scanlated) chapter 14/??
Date of last release 1/10/2018
Reason group dropped unknown, group became inactive
Raws available? yes
Series Name: Immortal Hounds
Series Link on MangaDex:
Chapter Progress: 30/40
Date of last release: 2 years ago
Reason group dropped: I think it got liscenced? Wait can people even translate them after they get liscenced
Raws available?: yes, LHscans
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I was thinking about doing it, but then I realized there's an official license that's finished. Mangadex doesn't have a policy on it, as long as you aren't uploading the official release you can translate the original Japanese all you want.
Though me personally, especially since it's just 1 book left, I decided to just spend the 13 bucks on amazon to get it. (The ending was kinda meh tbh, but I guess that's just because it goes directly into the sequel)
Many thanks for the info, tho I have no money I’m gonna have to wait for someone to pick it up.
@agentkuga I may pick up the sequel if nobody else does, because I did like the series, but I'm not sure if it'd be too far above my level. Probs wouldn't get to it until I'm done with Inubaka even if I did though, and I've got like 3 volumes of that to get through lol.
It's okay if you don't ever translate it, I've followed way too many unfinished series already so I guess I'm kinda used to it. Thanks for everything anyways.
Name: Katekin
Progress: 5/10 volumes (45/90 Chapters)
Last release: 3 years ago
Raws: yes
It's only three volumes long and luckly the series is available in french as well. Hopefully someone picks it up.

Name: Iron Hammer Against The Witch/Majo ni Ataeru Tettsui
Chapters: 2/15
Last release: 1 year ago
Reason for drop: Unknown
Raws available?:魔女に与える鉄鎚-1巻-デジタル版ガンガンコミックスJOKER-村田真哉-ebook/dp/B00MA4ZKPO
Series Name: Hi Izuru Tokoro no Tenshi

Series Link on MangaDex:

Chapter Progress: 4 volumes (14 chapters) scanlated so far. Total normal volumes is 11, total tankobon volumes is 7.

Date of last release: 12 months ago (at least on magadex, I think it's actually been like 2 years).

Reason group dropped: No idea.

Raws available?: Yup. Volumes 4 - 7 are pretty cheap on Amazon. Like $7-12 each.