Author Calling All Scanlators: Join the MangaDex Crew Today!
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Do you want to travel the world? See new horizons and explore strange places? If you join MD's Official Scanlation Team aka Scandex aka Dex Scans aka Holo's Slaves, you'll do none of that!

We are looking to formulate an official scanlation team affiliated with MangaDex with one main goal:

To help fill in the missing gaps of series by groups that are dead or dropped the series

We want this team to be special in that it focuses on adopting those series that, for one reason or another, got dropped. It will be an extension of our mission to serve readers by attempting to truly become an index of all manga in the scanlation community. In the future, we might even be able to expand to new series if our team is successful and grows!

Worried about the cost of scans? Bewildered at the thought of creating a website?! Worry not! As part of the MD team, you'll get all the raws that the MD team can afford to purchase for you. With our free hosting, you'll be able to showcase your work on your own team blog with ease and pride. Not to mention you'll have MD's propaganda----er, world class Public Relations team helping to spread your work far and wide!

We're looking for a small core team to start with:

1 Translator
1 Redrawer
1 Typesetter
1 Proofreader
(bonus points if you can wear multiple hats)

Please indicate your interest in a particular role or roles in this thread and why you think you would be a good fit. If you have examples of your work to show, please do so via spoiler tags so the thread isn't drowning in large images.

After an appropriate period of, let's say a week from today (11/05/18), I will close submissions and we will move on to official interviews for various positions.

We hope to follow this process:
Phase I : Recruitment thread > Interviews > Finalize Team
Phase II: Ask MD Community what dropped/discontinued manga they'd like to see worked on
Phase III: MD team will choose what project from a compiled list of titles that they'd like to work on

All of the staff here are truly excited about this idea and we hope that it takes off! Even if you aren't personally interested, please share with your friends and acquaintances to see who might be.

Think you have what it takes? Enlist today and never leave your computer again!

Edit: Wow, guys! I honestly didn't expect this kind of reaction. It's looking like we'll be able to form an additional team or two out of everyone who is interested if our interviewing process goes well.

Thank you all so much for your support and enthusiasm. Remember, we'll keep this thread open a little while longer ( a week might be too long) before we compile lists of interested parties and begin interviews.

Translators, please PM myself or @Holo directly if you're interested in joining our group.

If you want to give suggestions for dropped manga that we should pick up, you can do so here.

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Hello, Awkward/Inconcinnus/Inusitatus here. I'd like to apply as a Redrawer/Typesetter. I'm not too sure about my abilities as a Proofreader, but I can certainly give it a try! Here, I've listed some series that I've worked on (for sake of space, I'll post a Dropbox link):

I look forward to work along with you guys! Thank you all in advance for taking your time to read this application
I am very much interested, my chosen roles are Redrawer and/or Proofreader.

Looking forward to an interview and your response!

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I'm willing to be a proofreader and (if I end up finishing my editor) a typesetter but that's unlikely af

Mostly I can take garbage English text (given possible alternate ones, eg gtl/btl) and turn it into vaguely understandable grammatically correct English.

I'm interested in typesetting and proofreading. I did typesetting for two erotic manga, Gachinko Battle and Entwine by Mentaiko under the The Flotilla group and I've done some work on a few 4koma from magazine features, one of which I've included here:

Mod Edit: Placed in spoilers for you. =)

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I'd like to try for Typesetter. I'm not sure if I'm good enough to join the team but I'd like to at least take the test if that's okay. I currently work with Nekyou on Hero Waltz and have done a few chapters for other series which weren't done very well for various reasons.
Do we at least get a bowl of those fancy mints?
I can provide raws for this "group" at $19.99 a volume.
Sample of my free rips:
Mod Edit: This is not the place to advertise your wares. If you want do so, do it elsewhere. It is not related to the topic at hand.

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Hello, I'm interested in applying as a typesetter, though I can also do some redraws if necessary. I've been typesetting for about a year, and I feel like I've improved a lot in that time.

Here's an album of some of my best work (I have done all of the editing in these pages)
Read "series by groups that are dead or dropped the series" this is a great project! I hope to see "Bambino! Secondo" and all the other series fully translated! Good luck to everyone and thanks!

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Hey there, I'd like to apply as a proofreader, or rather an editor, I guess.
I don't have any experience in the scanlation scene, but I did a one-off edit of a Tales of Demons and Gods novel chapter when I was bored, namely #469:
The source is from Wuxiaworld. I did not translate it myself. The edit was mainly to make it flow better and remove some awkward phrasings and make it sound more natural. I'm not too proud of it though. It could still be improved.

You can expect high quality English to the best of my abilities. I'm not a native speaker though, so take it with a grain of salt. :)

Furthermore, I know a bit of Japanese, but not enough to translate anything meaningful. At best, I'm N3, probably closer to N4. I can barely hold a conversation haha. I am familiar with Japanese culture though, since I lived there for the better part of a year. I believe this will help me make better judgement calls when I read something awkward/fishy.

I'm not afraid of rewriting whole paragraphs if I feel like it fits the mood better, as you can see in my TDG link above.
Here's an example:


PS: I think you should say which languages you're looking translators for.

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Yo, it's your boy MistaL! I'm interested in being a typesetter on the team (I can also help out with redraws, though I'd prefer just primarily be a typesetter). Examples of some of my work can be found here:
im interested in being a proofreader, im ok with trying new positions if given the chance and since I never do anything I imagine I might be of some use
Sup! I want to apply for proofreading, redrawing and typesetting. I sadly don't have anything to show my proofreading because of the way my group works, but I do have things for the other two spots.

Here's a dropbox link. Ftr, the "down" was supposed to stay, it's not me forgetting to make the layers visible or sumthin.
Hello, I would like to apply for the translator position. I can translate from Japanese to English. I don't have any examples of my work, per se, but if you gave me any raws, I could translate them right away. If that's not enough, I can grab some random raws of my own for translation as well.
Hopeful or just straight up delusional. You can't just tell people to do time consuming slavery volunteer work on random manga.
People do this out of love and passion towards a certain manga and also ad revenue, not obligation to "please the community" like this.

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I've been interested in scanlating for awhile, I can do typesetting/proof reading. Thank you for considering.
I'd like to apply for redrawer/typesetter/quality checker (mostly QC as I got no time for the other two).

I'll put them here later.
(To LOVE-Ru Darkness colour, ones done by my group)
Hi, I'm interested in translating from Korean to English. I don't have experience with translating comics.