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Avatar dreminh 6 mo ago
look nice
Avatar davremedy 6 mo ago

Avatar southaccel 6 mo ago
Looks stupid as fuck. followed.
Avatar Swadloon 6 mo ago
Avatar Drfrost 5 mo ago
Did I see De javu from game called Icey??
Avatar Chet31 5 mo ago
These short chapters with cliffhangers will be the death of me..
Avatar le3 5 mo ago
Rip glasses girl. I demand moar!!!
Avatar kwendy 5 mo ago
@le3 You demand more glasses girls?
Avatar sundanese 5 mo ago
Ahhggg, Fresh Meat... XD~~~
Avatar rinscarlet 4 mo ago
that is like straight out from deus ex universe lmao
Avatar Sheogorath85 4 mo ago
@le3 It looks like your wish was granted... :P
Avatar le3 4 mo ago
Avatar xininja 4 mo ago
....... @le3 what is "JL" in your _(:'3JL)_ suppose to be.... it better not be what I'm thinking it suppose to be....
Avatar dreminh 3 mo ago
thank for the update
Avatar OniBarubary 3 mo ago
This is super dumb.

Avatar Mathias 3 mo ago
From the same guy who gave us Imawabi no Dakini. Hoping this time it won't end with an axe.
Avatar fuusengum 1 mo ago
this manga is so brutal, i like it
Avatar dreminh 6 days ago
Blame! fan here
Avatar Deedog10 6 days ago
The MC is awesome I’m in love lol
Avatar Saronite 5 days ago
I'm usually not into dark gritty stuff like this but this is really interesting to me. My only gripe is that there is no downtime, there isn't a moment where she isn't getting into a fight with someone or someone isn't dying. I'd like to see more of the surroundings the author has thought up.