Author Question in regard to manga statuses
Is it just me, or do some manga sometimes just get removed from the list of follows on my account? I sometimes encounter a manga that I could have sworn that I already labeled as "reading", "plan to read", "on hold", etc., but the manga shows up as me not having interacted with the follow button in any way, and I have to add it another time.

If it's just my imagination, don't hesitate to tell me.
It's just your imagination.

Maybe reload the page a few times to see if it actually added it? Idk.
Nah i have the same issue, i can confirm that and have had their flags reset, along with the star score. I specificly have read these two on my account and even manualy clicked the eyes on kuma before since it wiped itself before too. some manga just dont want to stay registered and i have no idea why..

edit:(really sucks too since theres tons of manga i keep finding on the homepage that i read before and didnt know had updates for a good 50 chapters plus.. im missing out on sooo much :/)