Author Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo suru
Avatar Kale_S 1 mo ago
Wow spoilers
Avatar Meridis 1 mo ago
Yeah, might want to put that in spoilers(its the button with the eye that has a '\' through it). Good to know anyways.
Avatar Drew 1 mo ago
@Meridis Yeah sorry for that.
Avatar Random_Passer-by 1 mo ago
Midway through chapter 1 I followed and rated it a 9. By early chapter 2 this had turned into a 10.
Avatar jak 1 mo ago
@Drew - Well the person who told me can read Japanese somewhat. So maybe he got it wrong. Good if you're right.
Avatar Tsudow 1 mo ago
Same artist as Momoiro Meloik, this is.. interesting.
Avatar MacMeaties 1 mo ago
You know what I appreciate about this? You can actually understand why she might like him. He's actually a decent looking big fella with redeemable qualities unlike the vast majority of protagonists in other similar stories.
Avatar pmntamp 24 days ago
thanks for the chapter... hope to see the next one soon
Avatar Deathglass 23 days ago
Galsploitation, when will it stahp
Avatar Emperor_Late 23 days ago
Girls don't look at appearances like guys do, yet I totally agree with you. The guy looks decent. Let's just hope grows up too.
Avatar GasMoney 23 days ago
Absolute beta male gets used by female for his pro sewing skills
Avatar MangaA-Z 22 days ago
Oh God! Let there be another chapter update soon!
Avatar caenlim 22 days ago
The wait for more chapters is KILLING ME.
Mega big ups for the staff for keeping up the work with this. You guys are my heroes right now.
Avatar garethgg 21 days ago
Anyone know of any other mangas like this? I cant seem to find anything with more than a few chapters ><
Avatar pink_rabbit 20 days ago
I ADORE this manga so much. I admit, I am a bit picky with ecchi but if it plays well with the plot then I don't care.

@MacMeaties Very much agreed. Most of them are usually the same height as the female characters or shorter. He's pretty good looking, imo. Just really shy and bad with people.
Avatar Derpstien223PhD 8 days ago
If anyone wants some raws here, only goes to chapter 10.
Avatar scavenger9 7 days ago