Author Australia Bans Import of Hentai And Other Adult Anime Products from Japan!

Wow, it's my stalker precognicent again. How unfortunate I blocked him for going off topic 100% of the time and saying i'm lying when I post easily verified and googled public news like a moron.

I still don't appreciate how you always post walls of garbage and never READ anyone else's comments precog, or how you always repost and repeat the same thing with different words like saying it differently means you're right.

Or trying to dig into my personal politics after stating my biases like some jackass.

(This should be considered on-topic as I am discussing the article)

I attempt to factcheck a source and when I do so, I am called a stalker for it. Try not to flatter yourself because that a guy is willing to call out your sources for potentially being biased. Why don't you call message the administration of this website about this if I was stalking you? We can both make our cases and let a third party decide if I should be banned for my actions. In fact, if you have not used it, there is a report button usually on the bottom right whenever a user makes a post.

We never gone off topic whenever we had a discussion to begin with. Each time I argued with you, it has always been in the sources you use for news and how they report it along with my thoughts on the issue at the end. I have been in "feuding" with you for like 3 months because every time you make a post it is always full of bias which tends to either skew the reporting or spread blatant misinformation. The only reason why it often happens to you is because you are the purveyor of said misinformation and at the same time regarding it as factual reporting. This has happened in 3 separate threads where you have done the same thing (including now, 3 months later). Which leads me so suspect that it is a pattern of behavior with more so malicious undertones. In fact, this happens so often that I deem your actions to be seen as suspect to any users on this site. I have not been implying you were lying but more so that you were either attempting to spread misinformation purposefully or unknowingly doing so. That is the main issue that I have with you.

About the "easily verified and googled public news" claim, you are correct about that but knowing from experience most people are not going to do their own research on this like I did right in this thread. People will take the information (be it misinformation in this case) and run away with it; making their own narrative from the source in question. I would love for people to stop doing that but they will do that either way. @Mr_Detective is a case of this. There is this excellent article by Vice News that covers the ban in more detail including how it came about in the first place1. In my research I have found had to learn a lot of things about the Aussie governmental system that, to be frank, tired me out at the end. It almost feels more tiring than researching for my college work.

I don't think that my post are "walls of garbage" as every word, mispelting, and punctuation all have some form of depth. I treat everyone's statements as I would like them to do to me; as in I read their statements with the upmost care. I did this with each and every comment before my own, just to grasp the situation better. This is no different than how I treat College textbooks.

"how you always repost and repeat the same thing with different words like saying it differently means you're right." I am not sure how to digest this one without coming off as condescending as fuck (as if I haven't done it already).

Like I said like 2-3 months before, personal biases, be it unknown or not, can play a role in were you obtain your sources of information. Let's say that I am an individual that is misogynistic, I am statistically more likely to be in misogynistic groups, watch misogynistic media or participate in misogyny. That is how humans tend to work. Even I, the infallible human being you presuppose that I am, confront my own biases when I assess my individual beliefs and search for things I believe I want to be true/false. If I think I find an article that agrees with my point of view then I would flaunt it; this line of behavior is no different from what happens to you or others.




where is that gif from? That gif seems so familiar.
You see guys? Such thick skin he/she has right?

Still can't read it, so ......

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh, from Australia


He specifically finds me and posts walls of texts under me to try to shut me up.
Learn to ignore people and not waste time. Instead of paying attention to him, just skip and ignore his post. You can't argue with everyone who disagrees with you. Just say your thoughts and move on. Getting your panties in a bunch over something so trivial is just playing into his hands. Pretend like you don't see anything from him.

Simple as that.
I could go and draw a bunch lolis and shotas having an orgy right now, and I would consider their age to be when they were drawn. All these weirdos giving pieces of paper human rights.
Maurice Moss from The IT Crowd.

They just banned the importation of hentai, adult toys, etc. You can still view these items online or order them inside Aussie land if they are available there, you just can't import stuff to bring into Aussie Land from abroad.

Think of it like a tariff.
Another step in our freedom being taken away little by little.
Meanwhile, your goverment is torturing and raping real children.
Imagine this happening in other countries. That would be interesting to watch.
Welcum to Australia! Where pedos are a protected minority!
You guys seriously think this is bad? Keep doing mental gymnastics, I know Im not a pedo
I'm not a pedo, and I can also distinguish fiction and reality. I'm able to steer clear from materials I don't like.
shhhh, let this thread sink in.
First they came for the lolicons and I said nothing because I was not a lolicon...
And now in france you can't access Nhentai or other porn site if they don't have an option to prove your age. And the option suggested by the senate is asking a card to access porn site 🤡
@stefankeys thats how liberal censorship sjw tactics work my dude. They go for things people don't care about too much, then they continue from there until they control everything.

Bestboy said it best earlier:
I'm not an expert in Oz, but it's a notoriously conservative, evangelical government, isn't it?