Author I Want to Write or Co-Write a Webcomic
I have many, many years of writing up my sleeves, I am wanting to write for someone who is willing to breach any of these topics (or a few of them)

- fantasy
-- Urban
-- Medieval
-- High

- Pirates / Rogues
- Villainess
- Isekai
- Reincarnation
- School Life
- D&D / TTRPG Based
- Adventure
- Eldritch / Lovecraftian
- SCPs
- Horror
- Psychological
- Philosophical
- Religious
- Creating Worlds
- Creating Theongies

I have studied the following subjects:

- Philosophy (B.A.)
- Psychology (Minor)
- Criminal Justice (Minor)
- Religious Studies (Minor)
- Mythologies (Hobby and LOTS of classes)
- Public Health (Masters Classes)
- Guidance Counseling (Masters Classes)
- Literature / English (LOTS of Classes and Hobby)
- International Studies (Lots of Classes)
- Sociology (Lots of Classes)
- Nursing (Classes, Family in the Field)
- Writing (Lots of Classes, Hobby)
- LGBTQ+ (Experience with, and I am)
- Mental Illness (Experience with, and I am)
- History (I know a little bit about various countries)
I have similar interests and would like to write one, two. I have a few ideas but they're all really niche
I can see it now: Chapter 1 spends fifty pages describing the setting and atmosphere before the reader finally learns the protagonist's name.
I can see it now: Chapter 2 spends fifty pages detailing the moral ramifications of the protagonist's father's actions before I drop it when I notice that the author uses "two" instead of "too".
i can see it now: Chapter 3 spends fifty pages detailing how an eldritch god come down to the world making problem and stuff without any mention of protagonist whatsoever.
edit: i stand corrected, the eldritch god is the protagonist
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Well, if fans really want me to go that route, I must surely show them the fluff of the century with as many minor yet major grammar errors as possible! XD LOL

Nah, just joking but thank you for your semi encouragement? XD
Oh god school life an rogue tags, edgy mode activated.

But still, sounds like a interesting idea, I just don't see this working as anything but a 1st person POV, I mean just look at Toaru.
Many years of writing? So you’re a pro I presume. Contact your local graphic novel/comic artist.