Author Looking for a historical martial arts manhwa
Its been maybe a year or something since i read this manhwa/webtoon (don't remember the type) about this young boy who becomes one of the strongest martial artists and fights in a war and has children in the end. It's completed and has a sequel of the children's lives i think.

While he's becoming stronger there is political drama and such, and several peolle want him in his army. I'm pretty sure he's becoming stronger to avenge his master or father who was killed. In the end theres a battle and he becomes a leader i think, then in the epilogue there's a war and his children happily participate (because theyre strong like their papa).

Absolitely can't stop thinking of it but i cant seem to find it anywhere! It was over 100 chapters long and i have enought details to narrow it down but it's like it disappeared cus i really cant find it!! Would love some help if anyone knows of something similar to the description above!!

Historical, martial arts, age progression, drama, (romance?), overall wholesome and badass, op mc
@Solleftea Is it this one?
I haven't read it but the summary and last chapter kinda fits your description