Author Nest Chapters into Volumes (whenever possible)
It would be nice to have to have tittles with hundreds of chapters nested into its published volumes. I believe by implementing this would make browsing for chapters easier instead of scrolling down to the bottom of the page and having to click the next page button in order to find an earlier chapter that you want to re-read (or something similar).

Something like this:

- Recent Chapters
|--- Chapter 157
|--- Chapter 156
|--- Chapter 155
|--- Chapter 154
|--- Chapter 153
- Volume 13
|--- Chapter 152
|--- Chapter 151
|--- Chapter 150
|--- Chapter 149
|--- Chapter 148
|--- Chapter 147
|--- Chapter 146
+ Volume 12
+ Volume 11
+ Volume 10
+ Volume 9
(and so on..)
> I believe by implementing this would make browsing for chapters easier

Nah. In case these volumes minimized by default it makes searching for specific chapter harder. In case if volumes expanded by default there's no difference with current system.
@andriod15 In the planned thread, there's a Compact View Mode in Chapter section, and there will be a Add page jump button to pagination choices as well so I believe it will be easier to navigate in the future
also not everything has volumes so it would have to be manually done.
@BzzBzz Then add something like a chapter range next to the volumes.

Something like...

+ Volume ## (Ch. ## - ###)

@Yatsuki Pagination is cumbersome IMO

@Blackyawgdom Hence why I put whenever possible on my suggestion.
> Something like...

So, instead of simplifying things we are now add more info that's already there? Great idea :/
@BzzBzz You clearly have a different definition of "simplifying things" :/