Author Chapter 4 (Daughter of the Elemental King)
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I have no idea why so many people are complaining about the father being an asshole.

1. He is not human. He's millennia old. Their relationship is like minutes old. He doesn't care and that's not surprising? He took her in because he found a letter from his wife asking him to take care of their child...and that's it. (blue and orange morality anyone?)

2. Their relationship is like this because of comedic value. I'm on chapter 20 of the raws currently, don't understand much of what's happening but am highly entertained. This poor man had no idea what headache he was bringing upon himself when he decided to retrieve his daughter. My sympathies lol

Also as a tiny spoiler, I haven't seen her give too much thought to her former family. Eh, maybe it's written and I just can't understand but it doesn't seem like that's the case. So they both have quite skewered (not-human?) personalities.

That being said I expect him to start caring about her if even a little but I'm not sure we'll ever reach doting daddy levels...though that WOULD be quite a show.

Waiting quite eagerly for this to be updated. The raws are awesome and I'm stoked!
I need more chapters...
that he has no idea how to care for a child is not surprising considering that his kind has no offspring
BUT he clearly knows what love is and he is not an idiot
what I want to say is, after finding that letter he should have given it more thought if he really want to take care of a child which he abandoned exactly because he couldn't bear seeing it alive while she is dead (what is sad but understandable - only why didn't he gave her to a family in his world?) if the answer is yes, then he could have tried a little harder, at least explaining things first since he knows that she couldn't really know and understand anything, but maybe later
as for her, if in later chapters she really just "forget" her family without a reason given, that would be bad writing because from what we've seen so far, she grew up in a loving, caring family who didn't make a difference between her and the biological son who himself also seems to see her as a sister
@buecherwurmin He's probably pissed off at her because she "took his wife from him" (aka his wife wouldn't have made a deal with the devil if she hadn't wanted a child and he'd still be together with her).

I went up all the way to chapter 33. No mention of the family seems to exist (maybe it's written and I can't read it but I can't remember seeing her think about them). On the upside, daddy dearest becomes a beast if you try to harm his daughter. Sure, he's still a tsundere to her, but if you harm her, he'll choke the life out of you.

So I guess she's getting a new family in this world.
@royalbl thx for answering, we will see, but no mention at all would really be bad writing - on the other hand, if I think about it, there are other isekai out there in which the protagonist also barely think about it
and if I may ask, is your profilpic from magic knight rayearth?
@buecherwurmin yeah, it's not that weird, there are plenty of isekai in which protagonists don't think about their families too much or at all...and I can somewhat understand that since no one came to read about post-transmigration depression. Nothing would ever get done if people cried after their former families constantly so...yeah.

Yup, you got it in one. Lantis and Hikaru are my thing and probably will always be.
Omg he literally tried to make her into a son no wonder her boobs disappeared. I would be so pissed, don’t change my gender to what you please. And what is the point in trapping her in that little house and being a jerk?? He doesn’t even want her around and he made her family forget her?? What a pos.
Totally agree! I dropped that garbage and I need to drop this too
😂 i am honestly happy that she has the exact stubborn and fiery personality as he does!! now you're going to get a feel of what its like to deal with someone with your personality!!😂 i wish you endless headaches in the future you trash!
Wow, he removed all memories of her in her other family's memories and everyone else's. RUDE! 😤😅😢😤