Author High School Inari Tamamo-chan!
Avatar riz 2 mo ago
it's hard to access the raw... (TT3TT)/
i cant move to next page of the very chapters'
Avatar VersVlees 2 mo ago
I thought this manga would be 2 furry 4 me but its actually quite enjoyable to read.
Avatar SausageSpirit 1 mo ago

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Avatar monkey123 1 mo ago
Aww yes, Tenko is back!
Avatar Tamed 1 mo ago
That reminds me though, is their temple that unpopular outside of festivities that no one gives a hoot when one of their sculptures are missing? I mean there should at least be a maiden there, right?
Avatar Elbow 25 days ago
Friendly reminder that fluff over 15% is heresy and there will be no escape for you once the great purging begins.

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Avatar SausageSpirit 23 days ago
Avatar ReaperCreeper 12 days ago
This reminds me of Sumire 16-sai.
Avatar wanstarz 7 days ago
tachanka best home defense..
Avatar Mkij3 6 days ago
Man, I usually hate 4-koma and furries, but I'm somehow enjoying this one a lot.

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