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None as Gerbura was in charge of every security drone you didn’t have a personal group
None as Gerbura was in charge of every security drone you didn’t have a personal group

AWW man!

I check my peripheral memory storage banks, to confirm or rule out the possibility I have memory issues of my own due to damage or a cyber attack. And to find out how much unused capacity I have left to work with now.

I check specs for a XDCD drone's usual memory storage requirements during intensive recon operations, to see if I can spare enough of my own memory assets to bring the drone's functionality back to normal without affecting my own functionality.
(I would suspect if under normal circumstances I could compile information for analysis from the whole ship without trouble, the drone's memory module needs would be like nothing.)
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Nope as most of the corrupted records were part of the archive stations set around the ship so your memory is relativity intact outside of exacts of every day. And even with your cores memory functions it would allow you to directly download its data to your core.
I download the drone's AI based memory in hopes it's recollections of it's trip from 200 miles back will be enough to generate a map of the debris field in that area. I set up a network port in the XDCD drone's AI for the live exchange of data between our memory module interfaces. Due to the fact what a individual notices when presented with a visual stimulus or picture varies based on the individual's training and upbringing, I decide to link the Sensor drone's sensory systems to the XDCD as well. The data feed from the Sensor Drone will run through in a parallel datastream, but I hope the XDCD Drone battle developed situational analysis faculties will pick up on details that might otherwise be missed by a untrained observer's eyes.

I have them brush off some of the bug gunk on a piece of ship debris to evaluate it potency.
The drone’s memory isn’t enough as it appears to of been recording stars and not debris. The digital wiring is quickly done and you’ve got a much better look at the nearby debris

The gunk quickly starts burning away their hull a small by noticeable dent is now in one of the salvage drones saws
Wonders how it managed to get this far without crashing into a chunk of space junk. 😳
Tells the salvage drone I meant for the XDCD to just rub against a bit of scrap, but I do appreciate it's sacrifice.
To avoid the possibility of it slinging the bug goo all over when it tries to use the saw, I have it jettison the blade in a secure place on a nearby bit of floating debris to quarantine it till we find something to neutralize it.

Do the sensor drones have scanners on board capable of analyzing materials, and compounds? Like a mass spectrometer, or something a Treckie would be familiar with a Tricorder scanning device?

I start scanning the debris for strong magnetic fields, and any signs of Maulkuth's cabin.
I expand my signal scan area using the XDCD drone's receivers in addition to the sensor drone's systems trying to pick up responses or distress signals from drones, or stranded AI with longrange communication issues.

I send out a ping to try and locate any ship bound emergency sensory units (the ship's cameras, mics, environmental monitoring sensors) with enough backup power to be activated by wireless interface.

I ask Gerbura if there are any exclusive security surveillance network devices hidden in my area, and the robotics facility that require the captain's or her authorization to gain access, and if she'd let me borrow them if I activate them.
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The gunk covered sawblade is quickly disposed of

The only drones with such equipment would be planetary survey drones which their locations alludes you.

As you begin to scan it you notice a strange distortion which is causing a pocket of space empty magnetic fields near the edge of the engineering ruins.

You pick up the nearby robotics equipment still unpowered but other wise appears to be functional.

Gebura says that there weren’t any
Whats the estimated distances between my location, the location of the magnetic field readings, and the RCD Drone group's location?
(Me------>magnetic readings<--------RCD drone)

The cameras in the robotics facility have no emergency battery backup power?

Does a timelapse analysis of the the goo's continued effects on the RCD Drone's armor to determine whether it is still eating away at it as rapidly as when it first was applied, or if the oxidized material was resisting it's corrosive effects better now, or even having a passive neutralizing effect on the goo.
It’s about 300000 miles from you and 2000 miles from the rcd drone group

Even if they did they would’ve run out long before you woke up again.

It appears to quickly oxidize metals and then eat away at the oxidized metals leaving rather clean holes and damage

you know this was originally gonna be about insanity and the uncaring grip of space but honestly I think it’s better that you’ve found ways around it
Thanks! I wonder if being a bit crazy from the start helps? 🤪

The number of zeros appear a bit off. (Me---1000 miles---> RCD Drone---2000 miles---> Magnetic Field) 300000 miles from my location? 😕

Compares the magnetic field readings to readings commonly detected from a Singularity engine, and SMES units.

Sends a ping out to try and locate any shuttle craft that may be drifting about in the debris field.
The readings match a SMES unit.

Your ping returns nothing
I have sensor Drone # 112 focus it's receivers on the area with the SMES level magnetic field readings, and start spamming the area with pinpoint focused signals in a attempt to trigger a response from the core I hope is still attached to the origin of magnetic field.

I show a image of a decal that indicates corrosive hazardous material, and decals that should indicate the storage facilities for spill response kits, and I have the sensor and salvage drones go on a scavenger hunt to find them in the robotics facility.

I check the specs of the 3D printing equipment. Does it work like the mobile RCD devices, or do they require manual loading of the raw materials needed to render a construct? Can they function in the vacuum of zero atmospheric space like the RCD devices?

I check out the layout of the robotics facility in the technical blueprints of the ship, did the facility's power grid utilize more then 1 APC unit for power distribution. Did the robotics facility's power distribution grid have a central control unit to regulate and control how power was consumed in the facility? Is there a power feed devoted specifically to the security devices and cameras in the facility?

Checks out the condition of my cabin, and the condition of my onboard camera through the eye's of the XDCD . Was my camera trashed to the extent it is causing mechanical failure of the motion components, or is it just sticking? How is it mounted currently?
I also want to see if the XDCD alerts on anything within my cabin, like armament inflicted damage, signs of tampering, or forced entry.
After a couple minutes of this you get nothing back indicating an active ai core.

The salvage drones managed locate a bottle of sulphuric acid quickly among the ruins.

It works via advanced 3D printer. It requires external loading of matarile and does not work in a zero-g and depressurized atmosphere.

Every single room of the ship had an apc with a smes room in the maintenance tunnels at the edge of it

It appears the the rotary system is simply stuck in place. It’s is currently mounted via intended means. It does not does not see any obvious signs of intentional damage.
I devise a sequence of actuator function commands to run on the camera motion servos, and motors in a attempt to shake. fidget, and rattle the sticking mechanisms loose. So the camera pod is welded in it's new location?

Goody... more acid. Is it in a liquid form? Last thing we need is drifting blobs of acid to deal with. I have the bottle of acid put in a secure place where it won't be at risk of damage, or rupture.

So there's a SMES unit in the robotic facility's maintenance tunnels?

Are there any matter duplicator, and/or synthesizer units in the robotics facility? I would suspect they would use a specialized chamber for the production of their material constructs that would make them functional in spite of the zero atmospheric conditions of space.

I check my database to figure out whether Maulkuth was housed in a facility similar to the command cores, or if she was just stuffed into a closet with basic vital support systems.
(Perhaps she eloped with @bigtiddyoneesan to the singing lizard rim planet. Should have let her drive the shuttle BTO! 😂)
(Perhaps she eloped with @ bigtiddyoneesan to the singing lizard rim planet. Should have let her drive the shuttle BTO! 😂)

I would never! Angela x BTO is the one true pair.
what is bto?

the actuator commands don't work and in fact, you managed to break it in the process
(you got a Nat 1 on the roll)

the acid is in liquid form the salvage drones decide to weld it in to a table

yes there would be an SMES in the robotics facility's maintenance tunnels

there was a mining facility located under the engineering department under Maulkuth's control. materials for most ship function was provided via it.

She also had a dedicated core room like you and Gerbura
what is bto?
It's a abbreviation of bigtiddyoneesan's user name.

Does the camera's video still work? What do I get to stare at now? (didn't expect the motion actuators to have enough power to break the mechanism!)🤓

the salvage drones decide to weld it in to a table. I'm not even sure how they managed that! 😨Is it still unbreached?

there was a mining facility located under the engineering department... The planet that appeared after the ship broke up ? 😳

Tries pinging the control module of drifting SMES unit I detected earlier, to try and get a id number I could cross reference with the list of SMES units installed in the ship, and determine where it came from.

Checks the specs of the ship's security cameras to determine whether I can transplant one in my cabin.

"Gerbura I think I may be going a bit crazy as I contemplate the possible inevitability I'll have to use the Butcherbots equipped with scrapper tools to perform complex repairs and modifications to my power supply, and hardware!"
Sends images of the miner drone's corpse, my camera pod, and the acid container welded to a table.
"HELP!" 😱
Yeah the camera still works it’s just that you have no hope I fixing the actuators o this camera anymore

No that is not the planet

You can’t get an id number appears that it was scrubbed clean

You could possibly transplant one from another section of the ship

You just get a clip of Gerbura laughing back
How much of the XDCD's armor is coated with the bug goo? Checks the XDCD drone technical data to see whether there is a way to 'no touch jettison' the damaged portions of the drone's armor plate.

Is the acid bottle leaking?😳

Were any of the core SMES units id numbers listed in the equipment database? Is the mystery SMES part of a secret project? 😮

Asks Gerbura if her minions managed to set up her singularity engine properly, while still equipped with scrapper tools, or did she hire a pro. 👽

Checks the database to see what type of reactor gensets the drones use, their specs, type of fuel, and any hazardous effects from fuel leakage within a drone. I have the unpowered sensor drone brought to me for examination.
Pretty much all of it but looking at what’s left the goo will just eat away it’s armor and then dissipate from the oxide.

The acid bottle is miraculously somehow not leaking much to the confusion of every drone

“It was pretty much intact just needed to wire it up and turn it on”
Gerbura says

Yes and your position as core as would practically make such a thing impossible to not be known by you

The drones use rather standard P.A.C.M.A.N generators, which as most P.A.C.M.A.N. generators they use solid plasma (don’t ask me it’s a Trade secret of a nanotransen even I don’t know how it’s made) fuel leakage inside a drone would be safe as plasma is stabilized until set on fire. The sensor drone is only missing fuel for its reactor otherwise it’s in perfect condition