Author Ai dm session #92898 | dri-ai | for ivegotnolife
Checks memory bank for info on Jupiter -Ra. ( Does this mean it was acting under orders from a 3rd party? or is it still under the influence of the delusions in it's mind?) 😳

Maintains a lock on the rouge's position to keep the jamming effects of my signals active. ( is it actually talking to me, or requesting orders from it's handlers?) ( I start sweeping the area for possible signals from a foreign puppet master)

Checks to see whether the drones listed as possibly being the rouge were part of the ship's drone forces, or if they are constructs from another ship or planet. 😨

Informs Gerbua I may have a cannon drone prowling about!
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@ivegotnolife ~<¥]<$;-) is just random gibberish from either corruption or radio Interference.

You don’t pick up any signals from any other ai aside from the singing and gibberish from the nearby planet

Drones aren’t know for ever going rouge and no other intelligent life is noted for this system.

Another message from gerbura
“Oh.... well your fucked, I’d recommend trying to shutdown until it goes away.”
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I bounce signal off a nearby bit of debris to the unknown drone.
"My orders? Stand down, identify yourself, and state your objectives Rouge Knight." πŸ˜–
The drone doesn’t respond and continues moving
It’s now 85 miles away
If I had to guess the cannon drone option would fit the best, because a miner drone (even a miner drone with a Lazerbeam on it's head!) wouldn't be able to function without a sensor drone's support. Unless somebody has been playing Dr Frankenstein with drone parts.

Has the sensor drone find a sheltered vantage point from which it can spot the mystery drone with it's long range sensors. I want to attempt to scan the rouge using the sensor drone's long range equipment to evaluate it's level of assault preparedness, and condition.
But first I hit it with scanner discharge simulations bounced off floating debris to rule out the possibility it will shoot anything it detects a scanner discharge from. I don't want to put the sensor drone in harms way.

Checks the memory bank for info related to Maulkut's cabin location.
Checks for info on the specs of the cannon drones.
After a couple seconds from sending the disruption you pick up weapons fire from the direction of the rouge drone.

Her cabin was located within the engineering department at its core where most of the engineering crew lived in.

XDCD done or xeno defense combat drones. The are drones typically deployed when hostile fauna were present on planets and construction crew and drones needed to set down more stable defenses. Equipped with gamma cores and sensor equipment on par with sensor drones For target seeking. They utilize 25mm HE shells firing roughly 90 rounds a minute. You take note that HE shells are nearly worthless in space due to a lack of O2
Checks on the status of the sensor drone, was it able to gather any useful information while the cannon drone was firing on the space junk? What was the effects of it's barrage? Is it using the weakened HE shell ballistics?

Considers the possibility of actively hacking the cannon drone's hardware to plant misinformation, or lock down it's offensive weapon system functions.
It was able to see that the drone is in an absolutely horrible condition about on the verge of breaking apart its covered in an unidentifiable black substance. The barrage caused the scrap to melt together into a solid piece of metal it appears to be using IIC rounds or internal Incendiary Rounds which are designed to cause a concentrated fire ball by using frozen O2 in the round to quickly burn and leave behind fire though in space it simply causes a fire ball melting most metal.

As you try and remotely connect into the drone you realize it’s digital protections are almost nonexistent and are able to shut it down quickly.
I block the drone's equipped AI, putting it in a type of sleep mode, and take control of it's hardware. I run diagnostics on it to assess whether it's power unit, and the deteriorated shells in it magazines are in danger of catastrophic failure. Then I check it's memory banks for any useful information I can glean from it.

I consider disabling my radio jammer signals and opening it's sensory systems to see if it was picking up on something my integrated systems was missing. (Take a look at reality through the eyes of a madman?) 😡

I contact the RCD drone's group to ask them whether there's any signs of Maulkut's core and infrastructure in their area of the debris field. (Perhaps she's there but has no long range transmission capability now?)

I report my current situation to Gerbura, and ask for a recap of the slaughter story I just caught a bit of on it's first broadcast.
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The diagnostics state that the power core and magazines are stable though the outer armor has sustained heavy acid damage. The memory banks are just screaming.

The RCD drone group does not have visual or radio contact with Maulkuth’s cabin.

Gerbura sends a message back
“Huh I’m impressed I’ve just had to keep fighting off corrupted ones. Some sort of hive of bugs managed to launch a projectile containing a group of them. managed to hit our hull and the crew didn’t exactly succeed at surviving.”
"Bugs Tacky?" Like the giant bugs on starship troopers? Or a normal size sentient bug alien species?

I isolate the drone's auxiliary memory module. Then I access the drone AI's formative stimuli data flow stream, and initiate soothing, exciting, and compression measures in a attempt to counter the dangerous negative trend that drove the AI to madness.
By using cultivation methods similar to the techniques used to cultivate the development of Alpha level cores I hope to stabilize the drone mental state by diminishing the relevance of the negative events and stimuli, promoting and emphasizing the relevance of positive events and stimuli, and using a compression protocol to move the trend line back into healthier levels by strongly suppressing the negative aspects of the formative time flow stream, and amplifying the positive aspects.
While doing this I evaluate whether the physical damage is limited to the outer layers, or if it penetrated deeper into the drone's body.

Tells the drone AI it performed it's objectives well because it's very likely the survivors and I owe it a debt of gratitude for our continued existence that may have come to a tragic end long ago if it hadn't guarded our backs all this time. Now just rest for now while I sort these issues out.
Gerbura responds
“No more man sized and more earth bug like”

After a couple hours of very delicate digital brain surgery you able to stabilize the core’s mental state. The drone thanks you for the help and asks for orders.
While I was working on the drone AI, I opened the drones sensory systems and scoped out the area from it's perspective, and noted that it's ability to pick up signals, transmission waveforms, visual data in multiple light and thermal spectrums, targeting and tracking skills, coupled with the it's experience as a cannon drone that has been on high alert for a very long period, appears to have significantly boosted it's sensory faculties development beyond the abilities of a experienced sensory drone unit.

I tell the drone any information it's gathered during it's activity, even involuntarily during it's altered mental state, and could gather in the present is highly valuable to me right now. "How about a proper introduction? I think I've earned that much at least."

I consult my memory for likely sources of materials with alkaline properties we can use to neutralize the acid on the drone's body.

I check the drone's memory module to see if it recorded data passively without the AI's intentional input, and whether the primal screams of a tortured mind could be filtered out of it's data stream. Even if it is possible I suspect it will take some time.

I instruct the drone to come with the sensor drone to the robotics facility so we can sort through the info it's gathered, and better address is physical condition. " You are a mess! What is this stuff?!"

While I was working I summarized my methods up to that point, and during the mental spelunking 'Dr Phil' session to compile a data package to transmit to Gerbura. When I send it I use intergalactic exploration probe data transfer protocols, and loop the transmission with a running timestamp to ensure all bits and fragments of the data package can be compiled correctly in full. While I was reviewing the stimulus data I didn't have a chance to deeply analyse it so I'm hoping Gerbura can glean more from it as a active participant in the events during that time period. That's going to be a long data crunching session! "Here's some homework for you Tacky! What do you make of it?" "Bugmen? Are they the singing planet's occupants? Noisy cricket people?" 😳
The drone will states that it is XDCD drone #2910.

Your not entirely sure if alkaline substances was even kept aboard aside from the chemistry labs.

It appears that the memory bank was not exactly untouched by the acid causing it to begin recording anything. Fixing this would require a new memory bank.

The drones states that the substance on its body was produced by the bugs which attacked the ship.

Gerbura just sends this back
“Angela I’m the security at for a reason, maybe maulkuth could help out with that if she was awake and in contact.”
Checks the specs of a XDCD drone to determine how much of the AI's long term memory function, and data storage is dependent on the auxiliary memory bank for a backup storage library. Is there no hope of recovering the data in the damaged memory unit?

Do XDCD drones have any manipulator arms, to reload the magazines and perform repair or maintenance on it's cannons?

Tells Gerbura I still haven't had any luck contacting Maulkuth on my side of the star, even though I have been in contact with drones currently working on the cryounits in the engineering department's ruins.

I also voice my concerns about the odd entries in the captain's log about a AI providing a estimate of the number of enemies on board before shutting down, but I have no recollections or memories of the whole incident. Was it Maulkuth? Perhaps she was affected by a attack or failure similar to what shut me down.
I can't access the security data feeds, so could he check the records to see if there were any cases of unauthorized individuals trying to access the dormant AI core storage lockers. The active command core host facilities, and proprietary networks.
Because my checks on my infrastructure hasn't turned up any specific causes for my shutdown. Unless a foreign AI was introduced into the network to shut us down intentionally, I won't point any fingers at Maulkuth because she could be a less fortunate victim of the assassin's attack. "Something stinks Tacky"
The XDCD drone can only remember about a month without the memory bank. And yeah with out the aid of a highly skilled humanoid roboticists this is virtually impossible.

XDCD drones must be reloaded and repaired externally as they aren’t destined for long term use but for rapid deployment.

Gerbura sends another message
“I’m beginning to worry more and more for Maulkuth. Most likely she was the ai as I was knocked out quickly after the hull breach. Yeah yeah I’ll check what I have left, wait did you just call me a he?
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Come to think of it I butchered the names too, but they stuck. I suppose it does make sense the ship's AIs identify as female!

Proof of that fact straight from the mouth of a Fog vessel's AI.

I'd made a point of referring to them with gender neutral pronouns till Gerbura referred to Maulkuth as she. Though I'm not sure how she knew I used a male pronoun in that part of the narrative. 😏

I let Gerbura know of the XDCD drone's memory issues, the damaged module's data can only be recovered with a specialized robotics forensic data recovery unit's aid, and ask if she has access to any XDCD drones that may have been deployed to the mining settlement before the attack without memory issues.
I send multiple recordings of the signals I'm picking up from the planet, Have they detected anything like this while deployed to the settlement? Have they encountered the bugs on other deployments and is the singing some sort of bug language?
I also ask how much drone support she has over there because I'm still trying to enlist the services of a drone with precision repair capabilities, but things are strangely quiet on my side of the star.
And has she managed to find a compound that's able to remove the bug puke from a drone?
Another message from Gerbura
“Don’t have any XDCD drones most are either destroyed or corrupted. Huh the singing is new to say the least, that sounds pretty human to me. I’ve mostly got what was left of my personal security drones and a couple salvage drones good luck with the specialists. Not sure on the last part check the chemistry labs? Or what’s left of them”
>ERROR 506
>ERROR 506

Do you mean the linked video clip?

Just out of curiosity checks to see what type, and how many drones would make up my personal security detail.
I seems I went down before the hull was even breached by the hostile alien bug attack.