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(With distinct traumatic memories of having my 'eyeball' torn off with demolition tools, and the fate of the poor defenceless miner drone just a moment earlier....)😨

I develop a method to wirelessly sync with the sensor and salvage drones to in a sense piggyback my consciousness into their systems, in a effort to boost their INT, and Dexterity stats. While synced with the drones we surveilled the robot facility layout, and prepped a area with the specific objective to assess the condition of the facility, and it's systems. With the objective of setting up a power generation plant, and restoring the facility to functionality if and/or when rescources and opportunity make these objectives possible.

Then.... I give the green light to move my cabin to the robotics plant facility. πŸ˜–
@ivegotnolife the cabin movement goes off relativity well a couple bits of scrap scratch parts of the cabin. but the drones are able to safely set your cabin and weld it in place
@ivegotnolife the session will be terminated in 2 days due to inactivity

Ooc sorry about the whole inactivity thing it’s just that I have to keep every thing consistent
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@ivegotnolife session has been put into suspension and can be reactivated via responding
Session reactivated by user request from @ivegotnolife

The core has been welded to the robotics facility. You currently have one miner drone missing it’s reactor and it’s radio has been shredded. You have one functional drone reactor and a powerless extra sensor drone.
Due to the presence of a unknown threat that could cause harm to the surviving crew members, I contact the RCD drone's group and set up a encrypted tactical communication protocol for future communication and information transfer.

Considering the possibility the drones who were active on the ship were similarly instructed by the security core, I start sweeping the area utilizing multiple encrypted tactical communication protocols to establish contact with the drones that have gone radio silent.

In hopes of reestablishing a connection with the security core AI, I'll send out a message using advanced level encryption, and ciphers only a Alpha level AI could construct, or decipher on the tactical communication channels.
"Looking at the aftermath of what's transpired during my shut down, it appears that you've been through hell!"
"But if you could pause for a bit in the indulgences of your own pity party, I'd like to do a bit of venting of my own."
"What happened Tacky! Imagine my alarm at restarting in a doomsday scenario that could have only been dreamed up by a cultivation protocol simulation, or a cruelly sadistic AI DM session supervisor, with limited power supply, and the ramblings of a mad bot (It's you isn't it?!) ringing in my receiver banks!"
"Did the captain actually follow through with his brilliant strategy to blow up the engines?" (Can't see any downsides to that logic!)
" Yeah, Yeah! I hear you! Reality is not real. must destroy enemies. !*^@ are what are not real. WTF!)"
"Ok! Onto the situation at hand." "Reality is not real [as hard as it may be to believe this is real], must destroy enemies. [the concept of whether sentient enemy threats currently exist may be reality, but based on your previous assertion that may not be real now. Right now it would seem our greatest enemy may be a shortage of information] !*^@ are what are not real.[ Let's compile the information we have, and could potentially gather in the future to figure out what reality we can believe in]"
" So Tacky could you enlighten me on what happened to our ship? And who shut me down?"

Sent this message to the unknown drone on common frequency in hopes of getting through it's brain fog.
"Reality is not real [as hard as it may be to believe this is real], must destroy enemies. [the concept of whether sentient enemy threats currently exist may be reality, but based on your previous assertion that may not be real now. Right now it would seem our greatest enemy may be a shortage of information] !*^@ are what are not real.[Let's compile the information we have, and could potentially gather in the future to figure out what reality we can believe in]"
The drone signal quickly bounces back as a more corrupted communications this time “ we fling it off @‘skdl )#)$ radio is the name t3))3)” seems it’s last message wasn’t intentional. The signal started moving torwards you.

A little bit after the drone signal bounces back you receive another signal although weak you can hear it

“Well I’d agree with you on the hell part. This is security ai Gerbua. Angela or Malkuth please respond I can’t read the signal Id,too fucking weak +;$)$;#)#

A break in the signal telling of the interface of a star appears the signal is passing through the star your orbiting.

+;)$ it stopped wait,That isn’t me. Probably another corrupted drone that went insane due to core corruptionsomething slaug+;)$$<~]¥

Another break

“Sorry Maulkuth Or Angela I’ve got some power issues to deal with I’ve almost got a extra engine back drones keep -)$)]_>¥{

That’s the end of the signal. Appears that gerbura is awake.

@ivegotnolife would you like me to notify you when ever I respond?
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Consult data log for info on Maulkuth and Angela.

So it would appear the debris field is dispersed far enough to surround a small star? How big was the ship originally?

(ooc you don't have to notify me every time, I'll keep check on it thank you.) πŸ˜„
@ivegotnolife the ship was roughly the size of Jupiter. And now forms a asteroid belt around a yellow star. This ship was a planet terraformer and colony builder after all.

You remembered that most of the crew had nicknamed the 3 ai, you Angela, the security ai Gerbura, and the new engineering ai Maulkuth. One of the many things that the crew had taken comfort in, as there were some who has only known the ship for their entire life.
Send a looping message including Id info to Gerbura.

Continue efforts to contact Maulkuth, and drones that may be using tactical or less common link protocols.

Attempt to discern what the debris field orbit's distance is from the star (using solar system planetary bodies as examples of course) , and whether it's stable, converging,or diverging in nature.
A couple minutes later another signal pinged back from Gerbura
“Ah Angela good to see your awakethink maul|]£{|>|£{-:#’
The signal is once again cut off

You continue your signal of encryption for the other alpha cores in hopes of locating maulkuth it’s likely to take a while.

Judging from what you see based off of the nearby young planet it appears that the debris field is stable although the wear and tear of what could only be stellar radiation over hundreds of years on everything should’ve given it away that it’s been a very longtime. It also then occurs to you that your internal nuclear clock has run out which from based off of the date of the medical records and the last known clock half life would’ve taken 3000 years to fully decay before needing to be replaced at least. You’ve been out for a long time to say the least. @ivegotnolife

Ooc: you know I never actually bother to ask this but are you having fun?
Ooc: you know I never actually bother to ask this but are you having fun?

Yeah, I'm really enjoying myself. I hope Angela's tantrum earlier didn't give the opposite impression (I'm sure Angela the character doesn't like it's situation in the least little bit!) πŸ˜…

From what you said about the AI DM concept you go for the idea of a synthetic human, so I just figured it wasn't out of the realm of possibility the highly evolved AI possess their own personalities (And that the central AI's should mirror my own, a bit qwirky but with a serious side when needed, a fact Gerbura (aka "Tacky" my personal pet nickname), and Maulkut (aka Quaky) have already become accustomed to. The crew may also be aware even though my nuttiness, tended to be kept in check as much as possible, or hidden in binary data babble amongst the networked AI).

The fact the unknown drone is spewing profanity just adds to that theory.

Because the signal keeps breaking up due to the distance between myself, and Gerbura, I start sending my communications meant for it as a looping message so the missing bits of the message can be patched by subsequent rebroadcasts of the message so the whole message can be received.

I ask Gerbura whether there's a sensor drone available at the midpoint to act as a signal relay to improve our communication link.

And I continue to probe space for more signals.

I start a long range data transfer feed, and start sending potential patch and restorative command initiators to the rouge drone's AI support CPUs in hopes of triggering reboot and core restoration processes.

Gerbura sends a looping message after realizing the solution.
"currently using makeshift relays, so i cant exactly move them"

you do detect some faint signals from the nearby young planet one of them being angelic singing voices

the corrupted drone continues moving towards you about 90 miles from you now.
Runs virtual simulations to assess my chances of success if I have to order the drones in my group to capture and immobilize the mysterious drone.

Continues attempt to restore and debug the rouge drone's core via wireless link.

Consult the drones in my group to find out whether they may have encountered the rouge before it broke mentally, and if they know it's identity. Ask whether they know of it acting in a hostile manner before.

Analyse the unusual singing voice like signal for possible Trogen virus like data corrupting attacks.
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@ivegotnolife well due to your lack of information on the drone you can’t really make any simulations to determine success

Your attempts at remotely fixing the drone continue to be futile

None of your drones can even look at the signal Id much less recognize it

The unusual signing. Is just singing although you can hear light distortion which sounds like hundreds of screams underlying the singing. There are hundreds of other fainter signals on the young planet
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I have been just introduced to the idea of background music and recommend listening to this during your playtime to aid immersion
Asks Gerbura what it remembers about a planet in the orbit our debris field now shares, and whether the ship was attacked by it's native inhabitants?

Does it remember anything about the odd siren song like signals I'm picking up from it?

Is it aware of any security drones operating in my area or security drones that may require specialized executive trigger signals to access and modify their core support and restoration protocols? (Because the creepy rouge drone is starting to creep Angela out a bit now! 😳)

(Considering the fact the 6 drones that were on the robotics platform for a prolonged period of time, on standby, till Angela called them.... were there some among the drone-kin with a special bond to the central core AI? A Angela fan club? 🀨)

Tells the rouge that while the previous transmission was a invitation, a frantic bumrush like approach without a proper introduction is a bit troubling! 😳
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Gerbura sends this back after a couple loops
“Don’t remember anything about the planet in system nor any singing.”
“Huh, I never thought of trying to fix the hostile drones”

You get back more gibberish from the rouge drone
“This r-;#)]¥]| declaring ¥]£{£>|{|, where ever y$;#’a]¥<¥)-:-}”

It’s now 95 miles away

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Eh? It was 90 now it's 5 miles farther away? Is it looping around to try and come at me from the side?

I have the drones set up wreckage as camouflage around the core cabin, and move floating wreckage to fill the space where my cabin was originally floating in the debris field, taking care to ensure the repositioned debris is moving at the same rate of speed as the debris field's natural orbital speed, so they blend in.

While they do this I try to explain to them that I wasn't asking them to analyse the rouge's id, I was just asking whether they detected a drone frequenting that area while it's transponder may have been active.

I start mirroring my signals through the signal drone, and salvage drones as they are moving about to make the origin of my signal harder to pinpoint.

I start pinging the rouge's communication system, and wireless network devices in a effort to trigger involuntary responses that may include routing data, serial numbers, IMEI code, and module id designations, that could be searched on the drone build archives to identify the mystery drone/mech.

I check the rouge drone's speed, and broadcast capability against the baseline levels in the archive of known drone specs in a effort to deduce it's type. Whether it's a basic sensor drone, security mech, or some sort of security based variant concocted by Tack, Quack, or the engineering division while I was offline. Or some sort of alien mech.

The fact it's babble seems to be related to hostility to radio signals, I consider the possibility it may be a variant with enhanced sensory capabilities that may be overstimulated by large quantities of radio frequency based signal input.
To counter this I stop transmitting communications to it using common radio band channels, and start using less commonly used digital protocols. I start broadcasting radio wave canceling signals to squelch the signals from the planet, and our surroundings, in a effort to produce a cone-of-silence in the rouge's location that's only penetrated by my own transmissions.( basicly the same as current day noise canceling headphone technology that cancels out ambient noise by using a mirror frequency of the audio wave frequency to disrupt the unwanted sound wave forms.)

Tells the rouge, "Did you just call me a r-;#)]¥]| ? I'd pop you in the mouth if I had hands, and could figure out where your mouth is!"

Gives Gerbura a report of the situation as I know it, so he doesn't assume I've just gone off the deep end myself.

Continues to try a wake Quack.
The attempts at signal bouncing and radio silence appears to have confused it as another signal bounces back from the drone
“Jupiter ra-)#)<|] gone silent, orders?”

They hadn’t as they were all offline while they were trapped within the debris surrounding the The robotics facility.

another message from gerbura
“Ah good, well I’ve managed to locate and bring back online a engine so my power supply is stable even if you go offline I’ll reactivate you at some point.”

You still haven’t found any signals from Maulkuth your a bit worried about them now

After some pinging and based off of what comes back the only things it could be would be a auto cannon battle drone or a laser equipped miner drone. While both are bad news the latter would be much better in any case.