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@ivegotnolife it does not as it appears the movment motor has ceased functioning. you can only really see your semes and your core.

the rcd drone was talking via 112 as it doesnt have long range broadcasting equipment. the rcd drone does have limited sensory equipment for hazardous conditions. the rapid construction device utelizes both duplicating matter and then utilizing a 3d printer to construct objects.

the miner drones do require sensor drone support.

you receive one other signal which is looping

reality is not real. must destroy enemies. !*^@ are what are not real.

seems its a drone with heavy corruption as you cant either tell the drone model or id from the signal
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Were there security drones on the ship?

Can the distance between it and my current location be determined?
@ivegotnolife yes there were some security drones

It’s a couple hundred miles behind you in orbit
What are the specs of the Security Drones?

Check the data logs for anything in the captain's log may indicate any issues with the crew, evidence of a mutiny, or attack.
(was @bigtiddyoneesan at the helm?)😳

What type of sociological relationship do humans, and advanced, spontaneously evolved, near sentient, or sentient AI have in this time period?

Check my personal logs for clues to any failures that could explain my shutdown, and how much time has passed since the ship broke up.
Yes, and my tits got in the way of steering.
@ivegotnolife the security drones ranged from basketballed sized moving tazers to people high suppression robots and high end combat exo suits and mechs

The logs which you have appear to have crroupted away the only one left was the last one:
This is captains log

(There’s a brief pause)

I don’t know the date anymore but it’s been weeks since the start of this

We’ve lost 5 more people and one of the last durands was taken down trying to retake hydroponics the food stores are running out

Most of the frozen food was spoiled after the things cut our power Were only relying on canned food

Were using ballistics and were almost out of ammo

I have no idea if we’re gonna survive but our last hope would be detonating the engines

Their numbers are endless and are ever growing with each person they take

The ai reported there was at least 200 before it shut down

*the sound of something sizzling can be heard*




End of log

ai are typically viewed as people and to some more personal almost as children. It’s illegal to shutdown a alpha ai as this is considered murder

It appears that power abruptly shut down after a hull breach in engineering and from brief power you can tell the engines were over loaded at some point which would explain the state of the ship.
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Search database for info on durand.
Check for drone and security division reports of suspicious breakdowns in the ships systems, and infrastructure.

Ask the older drones whether they have any useful information related to the events just before the ship broke up.
@ivegotnolife Durand are combat mechs that are useful in close spaces due to their defense mode and devastating punches. They are also used as front line fighters or smaller tanks

You can’t access the security records as you remember there was a second ai dedicated to the security department

The drones say that they had become trapped after returning to the ship to after construction of a mining station in system and came back to the ship in this state and are unaware of what happened
Ask whether the crew members in cryostasis were part of the mining group , or ship crew that were put in stasis before the ship's breakup. ask whether they know for sure what portion of the ship they are now occupying.

Attempt to access medical division logs to see whether a illness related psychosis, or a alien parasitic organism was affecting the crew.
@ivegotnolife the crew members were in stasis before the ship broke apart. they are located in the engineering department or whats left of it.

the medical logs also stopped at the same time of the hull breach in engineering
If possible, check the medical logs up to a month prior to the ships breakup.

If possible have the RCD drone group check for any message data that may have been saved in the cryostasis pods control modules, recorded for the benefit of the crew members when they awaken.
@ivegotnolife there is nothing out of the ordinary in the medical logs only the occasionally a burn or injury in rnd and engineering departments that are expected

there is no message data that was saved on the cryo sleepers
That is unusual, considering the captains logs appear to chronicle a terrible situation, and casualties.πŸ˜•

Anything in the ships occupancy records to indicate a sudden influx of unidentified life forms?πŸ‘ΎπŸ‘½

The security division control AI is another Alpha core right? Are it's infrastructure and cabin structure layout the same as the main core chamber? πŸ€–
@ivegotnolife theres a diffrence of a month between the medical records and the last log

the ship crew records only indicates leaves to settle on new colonys

yes the security ai has a similar setup as you though it was located on the other side of the ship
Considering the possibility the Security AI's chamber may have moved from it's normal location to the position 100 miles behind me, whats the possibility a alpha level AI's spirit could be broken to the point it could be mistaken for a drone AI? πŸ˜•
@ivegotnolife there’s no recorded breaking of ai although an old enough ai who has formed bonds with humans could possibly be broken that way
While I still reserve my final judgement as to whether there was a actual malicious enemy threat, and not a perceived threat caused by a mental condition or mass hysteria effecting the crew that eventually led to them destroying themselves as they fought the phantoms that were born of their own delusions. Till I gather more information on the subject.
A AI that devoted it's existence to protecting the humans within it's care, could easily be overwhelmed by the irrational shift in the behavior of the beings it could trust it's very existence to, suddenly lashing out blindly at enemies it couldn't perceive, verify, or defend them from. Till their psychosis finally led to them fighting the drones, core AI, each other, wrecking the ship's vital systems, and even reached the point the captain was considering blowing up the engines! (Just a unconfirmed theory now, but a distinct possibility!)
@ivegotnolife I’ll just Give you this one because I hate it when people go off onto completely wrong paths. There was an actual threat.

Anyway the drones are all ready to move your core and attach it to the robotics facility. They just need you to confirm the order
@ivegotnolife the session will be terminated in 2 days due to inactivity
I’ll just Give you this one because I hate it when people go off onto completely wrong paths. There was an actual threat.
(Was I that far off base?) πŸ˜• (Insert BONESTM Dr Brennan, "I just don't feel comfortable drawing a speculative conclusion without all the facts! Booth!" meme here)

the session will be terminated in 2 days due to inactivity. (I thought i had 3 months left. )😨
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