Author Ai dm session #92898 | dri-ai | for ivegotnolife
@ivegotnolife yes the reactor is in functional condition

And you really can’t tell from here and the sensor drone is unable to interface with machines like you
I suppose it can't tell whether the printers are functional either. Is there a suitable 5m x 5m space in the robotics facility floor plan to dock and secure the core cabin unit in it?😢
Yes there is plenty of open space although there is the problem of it lacks a smes or power generation
For now I mean to move the whole cabin as it's floating now intact, to the robotics facility platform so I can more effectively assess the condition of what's there.
If I just float along at a distance the droids would have to bring the items to my cabin, but my working space is limited there.
In theory while floating in space at the same speed as the robotics facility, a group of strategically placed drones around the core cabin's perimeter should be able to maneuver it safely to the vacant space on the production room floor. Since they are able to move to and from the various locations transporting scrap and components without crashing or breaking stuff that seems possible. But for my own peace of mind I'd prefer to amass a group of sensor drones to help coordinate the move from multiple viewpoints to increase my chances of success.

I'd like to broadcast a call to any functional drones within my transmitter's range to report their current status and activity. Instruct the sensor drones on the outer limits of my range to extend the broadcast signal further outward.
Drone groups that are just waiting on standby should assemble here for reassignment, and drone groups that by some miracle have taken a initiative to tackle a task on their own should report their objective, and estimated chances for success.πŸ€–
drone signals

salvage drone #329 heading to core
salvage drone #289 heading to core
salvage drone #172 heading to core
salvage drone #219 waiting near core
salvage drone #210 waiting near core
sensor drone #918 heading to core
rcd drone #289 reparing cryo cells
sensor drone #112 over seeing rcd drone #289
salvage drone #538 aiding rcd drone #289
message from rcd drone #289:
main ai appears to still be alive i am making sure the crew are able to be kept in cryogenic storage for later use we are unavailable
I'm guessing the upper 6 drone responses were from the group I've already discovered.
Consulting database for information on RCD Drone types.

Ask the RCD if the comment about the main AI meant me, or if the Engineering department activated another Alpha core while I was offline.
Ask the RCD for it's location , whether there are confirmed crew survivors in the debris field, and if there's a adequate power source available to supply the cryogenic stasis cells when it completes it's task. Instruct sensor drone #112 to relay my original broadcast when workload requirements permit.
Rcd drones stand for rapid construction device drone. Typically deployed during initial colonization phases due to its high energy and materials cost but very quick speed. Due to its relatively difficult task they are normally assigned beta cores and to be over most drones expect main ais

The rcd drone did mean you as your the central ai
The red drone responds that some engineering crew and rnd crew were in a crypo branch when the ship was destroyed and is currently running off one of the singularity engines and is this stable. It appears to be several thousand miles ahead of you in orbit.
Is the RCD Drones intelligence level abnormally high compared to others of that class, and the Beta core equipped sensor drones.

What is a RCD Drones physical specs? πŸ€–
@iv3gotnolife 1m by 1m

Yes it appears slightly more intelligent then the sensor drone though this may be from ai growth
Consults the memory banks for information on the various AI cores.
Does a momentary or prolonged loss of power cause lasting damage or issues other then possible reset to original baseline performance and loss of accumulated experience, growth, and skill?

Do the drones have power, and network interface cable ports built in for diagnostics, data backup to ship database, and emergency power supplementation when their onboard power supplies start to fail or malfunction?
gamme level ai cores are the most basic artificial intelligence still used to its nearly dirt cheap cost compared to other ai cores
beta level ai cores range from slightly above gammas to on the same par as regular human beings
alpha level ai cores are created in a decade long process of simulating a world and is generally some of the most intelligent beings in the universe inside of humanity

momentary or prolonged power loss does not affect ai cores. but ai cores that have existed for years may gradually become more intelligent

certain drones do have power and interface cable ports built in for diagnostics. they typically dont contain database backups, and no emergency power supplementation out side of vital ones.
Do sensor drones have any means to grasp or manipulate objects on their own, or are they only designed to acquire and process sensory data, and to act as a type of robotic shepherd for the salvage drones? Do they have cable ports?

How many tool handling arms do the Salvage drones have? Do they have cable ports?

Are there any drone power/interface cables currently available in my cabin, or in the robotics facility?

Run a simulation to determine what effect the power requirements of a sensor drone would have on my own power supply.
@ivegotnolife sensor drones do not contain any means of manuipluation. and they do not contain cable ports.

salvage drones have 4 diffrent arms for tools tpically two metal saws, a welding laser ,and a claw for transport

there does not appear to be any power or interface cables

i am not sure what you mean by that last question
If I connect the sensor drone without a functioning reactor genset to my power supply and network. How much affect would it have on my power supply?

I was considering connecting the sensor drone that lost it's reactor fuel to my systems to gain the benefit it's cameras, and sensor abilities.
I was just running a virtual simulation to determine my chances of success with that task.
@ivegotnolife that would nearly cut your power supply in half and isn’t possible due to your lack of power cables
Usually when connecting a module to a scanner or network interface for diagnostics, programming ,and updating, a direct wired connection is the most reliable to ensure perfectly accurate data transfer, and that there isn't any data loss or corruption. But is the technology of this session's scenario reliable enough to perform such operations with a wireless interface link?πŸ€– Do the salvage, and sensor drones have advanced wireless network interface capability?

What type of tool kit does the RCD possess?

How long would it take for drones to traverse the debris field to and from it's current location?
@ivegotnolife they do contain wireless networking

The rcd simple has a rapid construction device which is able to construct objects and walls in a couple seconds and other minor tools to create more complex parts

The 3 drones estimate a travel time of 2 weeks from their current location but they still refuse as they need to keep the crew they know of alive
2 weeks! Ugh! 😳

Ask whether there's any drone reactor fuel available near the RCD or if it could transfer the fuel from a reactor to another.
Ask if there's any toolsets to upfit a salvage drone and interface cables there.
Ask whether the RCD could use a couple butcherbots Salvage drones to help speed up it's repairs.
There does not appear to be any fuel near the drones
There are no know drone equipment there
The rcd drone does not require any more aid as the main problem are certain intricate parts for air and air locks
Checking the specs and functions of my personal camera, Does it possess motorized tilt and pan capabilities? Did they weld it to it's current location? How much of my surroundings can I see without a supplemental video feed from #918?

When I was communicating with the RCD Drone was it through a link provided by #112, or does a RCD possess long range communication equipment on board? Do RCD Drones possess sensory devices or are they just as dependent on sensor drones as the salvage drones? The RCD drone's Rapid Construction Device, is that something like a 3D printer, or a matter duplicator device?

Does the miner drone require a sensor drone's support, or do they possess sensory equipment?

Considering the possibility drone groups within the debris field may include groups without a functioning sensor droid, and without longrange transmission capability. I'll boost my signal receiver capabilities, and have the sensor drone sweep the surrounding area in a attempt pick up weak drone responses from drone groups that require a sensor drones assistance.