Author Looking for good romance manga
I have some 'requirements':

I prefer longer ones, at least 20~ chapter, (if they are 20pages each chap) but the longer the better.
No 4koma, and 2-3page/chapter manga.
Harem is 100% out of question, love triangles I really hate, but if it is neccessary well... just have ones which are resolved quickly.
I like ones where the main couple is properly developed/they spend most of the time together, so MC and FMC should be together at least 50% of the duration of the manga,
EDIT: no romcoms either

Ones I liked: namaikizakari, town where you live (dont like the authors other works,except hitman), risouteki boyfriend, LDK

If the main plot is action with some romance -as long as there is no drama- then that's also ok, but in that case it should not be last chapter confession, but proper developtment and stuff
e.g: Gantz, tokyo ghoul
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hmm... may be something like this? 🤔
Last game:
Karakai Jouzu no takagi san:
Baby kokoro:
I don't know if it's to your liking, but here we go:
Kimi No Todoke
Meido no Koi wa Enma Shidai
My Blissful Marriage
Raise wa Tanin ga Ii (that one is one of a hell manga where the characters are really hard to read and unpredictable, that's why it so interesting)
Kowloon Generic Romance (a strange one)
Skip Beat!
Shitsuji-tachi no Chinmoku
Asahi-senpai no Okiniiri
Light and shadow (this one is a webcomic)
Soba ni Ite mo Ii n Daze
The girl and the geek (this one is also a webcomic but it goes full on romance)
Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
Umarekawatte mo mata, Watashi to Kekkon shite kuremasu ka?
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This manga is amazing. Only 16 chapters, but it's one that will stick with you for a long time.
Ore Monogatari is one of my favourites, it's about a huge guy who keeps having every girl he likes fall for his best friend instead, until he finally meets a girl that likes him. They get together within the first few chapters, and the series itself runs on for about 50 chapters.

Taishou Otome Otogibanashi is another favorite of mine, the male lead is from a wealthy family and sent to live in seclusion after losing the use of his right arm, so as not to shame his family. The female lead was purchased by his father to serve as his caretaker and wife. The young man is severely depressed, but his fiancee helps to restore his will to live. It runs for a little less than 40 chapters.

Hiyokoi is about a small, shy girl who misses her first semester of highschool due to a car accident, but us able to integrate with the rest of the class thanks to the help of her tall, popular classmate. ~70 chapters.

Kanojo ni Naru Hi is a gender bender title. The male lead is severely gynophobic and cannot interact with women at all, but is forced to do so after his best friend undergoes a rare but well documented (in setting) transformation from male to female. Lasts 20 chapters.

Liar x Liar features the 20ish year old protagonist tricking her step brother of similar age into thinking she's a random high schooler after she tries on a friends old uniform. Surprisingly, despite being a womanizer, he earnestly wants to date her, and after reluctantly agreeing she has to balance her two lives. Around 60 chapters total.

Ohayou, Ibarahime is about a high school boy who works to help support his family, recently hired to help maintain a wealthy family's manor. There, he meets the family's mysterious daughter, and soon takes on the duty of maintaining the small house she lives in apart from the rest of her family, and each grow to learn more of each other's situations. 26 chapters.

Tru Love (Incest warning) is about a pair of siblings separated after their parents divorce, reunited after nine years when their parents decide to remarry. The daughter has always adored her big brother, and he had always doted over her, but after so long apart, their feelings for one another seem to have evolved, unbeknownst to them. 37 chapters
Love Roma my favorite RomCom, it start with a confession.
14-sai no Koi another of my top romance series, there's multiple couples here and they develop differently. (main story of Game Over will be related with one of the sidecast).
Fujiyama-san wa Shishunki another favorite romance of mine, despite the ecchi tag, this is one of the most wholesome romance.
Bonnouji another series where the main couple hooked up pretty fast, I remember this as an enjoyable read.
Nodame Cantabile one of my favorite series overall.
Emma the classic romance series, check it out if you havent and it doesnt have love triangle at all despite how it might show you it would. check out Otoyomegatari too.
Cross Game one of my favorite and Adachi Mitsuru best work, heavy reccomend this and Katsu! but stay the fuck away from H2 its mentally draining.
Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru pretty good and wholesome series and we see the crush side from the girl pov which is nice and you bet your ass you'll get lots of MC x FMC being together.
Ano Hito no I ni wa Boku ga Tarinai another good romance stuff.
Kumika no Mikaku romance through food stuff.
Tonari no Kinniku Joshi short and nice read.
Nana to Kaoru another MC x FMC focused series.
Kanojo wa Rokurokubi simple and nice read.
Nazo no Kanojo X pretty nice school romance from what I remember.
Subete ni Iya Girl same as above.
Rurouni Kenshin I really love this series and the romance between MC x FMC strongly shown, halfway through we know they like each other hard and FMC not only have good screen time, she also capable and not a flat damsel in distress.
Species Domain one of my favorite RomCom and the side-couple is the real good shit in here.
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try this one, refreshing approach and setting
Thanks for all the answers, but isn't skip beat like an endless love triangle? @Mooyani
@MawMaw thank you, most of those look great, tho I'm already reading Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru, while its good overall, that doesnt really fit my need atm, I dont like these endless I have a crush but I wont confess for 80 chapters tropes. Like its a good manga, but def not because of a romance is what I mean
Ah yeah that's right, don't mind this one, it's true it's very long😅
@Mooyani ah okay, I will check the others out tho, thanks :D
Furare Girl

The MC declares to MFC in 1st chapter and around chapter 3 hey are already togehter!

i am really enjoying read this!