Author Kanojo, Okarishimasu
Avatar d 10 days ago
@frjoethesecond man wtf πŸ˜‚the BIG problem is girls r not into stem. rn we have big AI (artifical intelligence) that is replacing
the easy jobs. just because the noshun that girls should not do nerdy stuff doesn't mean that
they become slutty all of a sudden

i know there are some good programs out there for the marginlized people that help them get into stem
this is what needs to happen

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Avatar hatsuka 10 days ago
> Implying this is only happened to woman.
Come on rental boyfriend is a thing, and not fiction. I read the articles from years ago. I bet you didn't even know about "host" boys.
Avatar Vindikas 10 days ago
And a new girl appears... 😍

Atleast vol. 6 cover shows.

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Avatar frjoethesecond 10 days ago

This image sums up the problem nicely. It sure as hell isn't because of a lack of affirmative action.


Like I said, that's the free market at work. The problem isn't the industry's existence. The problem is that it's being normalised, even among children.

Furthermore, renting a man is a completely different thing to renting a teenager. The sexual dynamic makes the industry damaging for females who participate in it. Think of it like this. For a woman (or teenager) to be worth renting, she must be attractive and good at stroking a man's ego. That's all she needs to have more customers than she can serve.

In order for a man in the same career to be worth a woman's time and money, he would have to possess certain transferable skills (massage, cooking, therapy, customer service etc.). It's also a viable long-term career since a man's sexual market value is based on competence (which increases with age), whereas in women it's based on looks (which decrease with age).

Ignoring these truths and putting feelings before reality leaves women hanging out to dry because they basked in easy money in their naive youth rather than improving themselves for long-term gains. It's literally a recipe for degeneracy and a big reason why sex work was traditionally frowned upon. This notion that denigrating sex work is an oppressive, patriarchal thing is a recent and (IMO of course) incorrect view based on feelings over historical fact.

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Avatar RioRizal 10 days ago
All of this comments made me wanna read this mangaπŸ˜‚
Avatar TwilightFaze 10 days ago
THIS bitch! It's really not her problem what Kazuya does or doesn't do. I just wish she'd quit this act of hers and reveal her true colors.
Avatar Foampunch 10 days ago

If you actually think that shitty little comic is in any way representative of the truth you really need to go actually educate yourself properly about the situation (here's a good twitter thread to start - issue isn't in any shape or form to do with "dumb women picking gender studies over stem then complaining" and that comic was literally made by an anti-feminist with no other purpose other than to denigrate women. Also your views on Sex Workers are pretty shitty and outdated.
Avatar MasterPannya 10 days ago
Crashing this comment section. WITH NO SURVIVORS.
Avatar Orcbolg 10 days ago
Just like the simulations batoto comment section...
Avatar horsewithnoname 10 days ago
One of the highest cliffs of my life
Avatar frjoethesecond 10 days ago

So, you've linked me to a man who effectively says statistics are sexist unless they follow the branch of feminism that he does. You then went on to insult my opinion on the sex industry without providing any argument or external source on why I might be wrong.

You also implied there's something inherently wrong with being an anti-feminist despite both sides of the spectrum having their fair share of radicals and moderates along with fair arguments both for and against the movement. Frankly, your comment reminds me of the 'agree with my feminist ideas or else you're a sexist' rhetoric you often see on TV debates featuring people who wouldn't seem out of place in some kind of religious cult.

I'm willing to listen if you're willing to make an effort.
Avatar en-ryuu 10 days ago
Sooo many chapters at once Yay.. And thank you again for the pure entertainment in the comment section... Too many tsunderes out there eh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚..
It's just a manga lol why does it need to be based on reality.. Personally I like this mixed up WTF manga πŸ™Œ
Avatar d 10 days ago
@frjoethesecond i dunno bout most of stem but at least for math and computer science its not like that
like in springer and elsevier there are like no women that sit on those editorial boards

imo everything is like a big feedback loop. you get x% (like single digit) people more biased towards men in
leading position in uni and you lose y% until you hit some equilibrium (that doesn't favor women) etc

r u in stem? i think its pretty clear whats goin on if youre in the industry
Avatar frjoethesecond 9 days ago

Well, I'm not in STEM (or the US), so I can't really comment on that further. I did a quick google search and found several results for grants and other programs aimed at getting more women in STEM.
Maybe you're right and it's needed. I honestly don't know. It isn't going away in any case.
Avatar Mimik 9 days ago
So many comments but such a low rating.

I think it’s good! It’s not like it’s about actual prostitution (although there are obvious parallels) and it’s not about NTR.

The antagonist (its obvious who it is) is good, the female lead is good, the male lead is good, the “side girl” is good, the premise is good, I don’t get why it’s got a 6/10, it’s at least a 8/10, I would think.
Yes, date rentals are real. Yes, it’s pretty fucked up. Yes, the manga even makes allusions towards such situations. But with all these rules and regulations brought up, it makes it seem realistic.

And what the hell is up with this fighting in the comments anyways? It’s just manga.

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Avatar hidayato 7 days ago
Mizuhara is actress soooo there might be a possibilities she just playing "romance role" to look like she have interest on MC. Mizuhara is the real villian here BOI
Avatar hatsuka 5 days ago
ah.. so frjoe is that kind of person. Ah no wonder...

my guess is you either you're too naive or living in first world country. Like foam said you're out of dated. Male prostitution isn't "more safer " to woman prostituion anymore. Also why you comparing A MAN TO TEENAGER. They're not teenager anymore. College students, 20 or 20s. MC is 20

I want to give great rating but personally the story.. kinda expectable. I've seen more complicated and funnier love comedy. So this manga is not too unique for me

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Avatar Sleepii 4 days ago
@frjoethesecond the reason women are renting men, is the same reason men rent women. They want some to speak to, that makes them feel important and special. In a renting situation, they don’t need skills like customer service and the like. They just need to be some what attractive and extremely charismatic.

Also SMV is only important, in regards to men, when they are trying to find someone to marry and settle down with. Not for someone who is a host or rental boyfriend. These things are short term not long term.
Avatar relic626 3 days ago
IDK how the girls fall for this trash MC, either way why isn't this labled "Harem" yet?
Avatar CutAhole 2 days ago
I'm one of those who absolutely hate this manga at first... (even though it took 30+ chapters for me to like it) but I really enjoy reading all the recent chapter, Can't wait to see how this serie conclude.

Mad respect if this manga end with MC get 0 GF but become a better person like what I said long time ago but I guess I'm fine with the potential MCxMizuhara ending :/

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