Author Cylcia=Code
Avatar Nami 6 mo ago
Eagerly awaiting new updates to this one.
Avatar NinjaGoemon 6 mo ago
Remember kids, don't go around making contracts with other girls. You're only allowed one.
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Avatar davremedy 5 mo ago
partial ? i remember ch 7 have 15 - 16 page
Avatar CoolOtamegane 5 mo ago
Hoo, I miss this series
Avatar CoolOtamegane 5 mo ago
Thanks for the fast release ?, Does nyone know, how far the raws recently?
Edit : Also Cover vol 3, DEMN DAT ASS??

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Avatar theShear 5 mo ago
Found up to 23
Avatar GabrielH 5 mo ago
Yes! The T H I C C is back!
Avatar dreminh 5 mo ago
sent message to aygee our 1 man army, support him if you can
Avatar davremedy 5 mo ago
thx for chapter 8 ^^
Avatar JustNatsuki 5 mo ago
I wonder if le Gawd has the power to melt clothes
Avatar Stap 5 mo ago
Eh... what happened at the end the 9th chapter? Seems like something important was written on the flavour text of the armour.
Avatar Bloddrake 5 mo ago
Ex-D204 He most likely used one of those cheap cursed equipment from the earlier chapter in combination with the luck skill that destroys your armour.
Avatar dreminh 4 mo ago
thank man
Avatar Wolvenworks 1 mo ago
this is still being scanlated, right? been too long since a ch came out
Avatar E-kun 7 days ago
I love this series. But the translators have left out texts and such. While thankful, I wish to see this series done justice.