Author Chapter 16 (Blue Giant)
This chapter is named after a song by jazz vocalist Abbey Lincoln, recorded in 1957 for her album “That’s Him”. She’s got some smooth & sultry dark tones to her voice which are really pleasant to listen to.

You can listen to it here:
On my very first paycheck I bought my mom the classic black So Kate heels from Christian Louboutin. When my mom was younger and ran away from home, she worked hard and after saving up for 3 months she bought her self a rip off brand that ended up melting after they got wet. Growing up I remember her telling me the story of how badly she wanted those pair of heels. So after receiving my very first paycheck (ended up being only 1600.84 T^T) I got off work and drove to the mall ran into the store and told them to wrap them up.
When my mom got home and saw me standing there with the iconic beige box and white cursive she started crying.
Its 6 years later now and I think I've created a monster I only own one pair and she has over 20, but she's my mom and if Lou is what she asks for then Lou is what she's going to get.
Like damn don't you guys ever just look at your mom and think she deserves the world?