Author Chapter 26 (Perfect Honeymoon)
That's it folks. The Perfect Honeymoon is over. Very disappointing ending. Ki-bum is way too nice and deserves a lot better than a wife who will commit emotional infidelity the moment her husband isn't around. What will happen when he has to go on an extended business trip overseas? Will wifey remain faithful to him? Or will there be a repeat performance as soon as she just happens to meet another attractive man?

Now that I've been able to read an English translation, my thoughts haven't changed one iota from the comment I posted on batoto after I "read" the Korean version back in June of 2017:

@FredFriendly - You are looking at this with such a black and white point of view. She never had any feelings for Leo. This was all about finding herself and knowing if her feelings were true for her husband which they were. They needed this to come out stronger as a couple. So no, while she did spend time with Leo who she saw as her savior in her time of need, she didn't commit emotional infidelity.
from Psychology Today:
Sexual infidelity is pretty clear cut; someone steps outside the bounds of a relationship and engages in some form of sexual contact with another person. Although the implications and consequences are similar, emotional infidelity as a construct is a bit more murky, as it does not simply apply to sexual or romantic interpersonal relationships.

Emotional infidelity is any situation that creates or causes some degree of emotional unavailability on the part of one partner that interferes with one particular aspect of the relationship, along with the quality of the relationship as a whole.

Emotional infidelity refers to the behavior that one partner engages in which fosters emotional intimacy in the here-and-now with someone else, and sometimes promotes the possibility of sexual intimacy in the future.

I could go on and on and quote other sources, but why bother? Ji-ae's actions with farmer boy certainly fostered emotional intimacy with him, as well as causing a huge degree of emotional unavailability towards her husband which, in turn, nearly destroyed their marriage.
"Wifey" is sort of a cringe term to use outside of a pet name for your own wife, but

I kind of agree with Jak. She was never really seriously interested in Leo; it was much more about finding herself away from a husband and a marriage that was problematic from the start. She may have thought 'what if' or compared Leo to her husband, but she never reciprocated his affections. She spent the time on the farm enjoying herself because she wanted to 'be a person' even without her husband, but talking to him when he came and then going to find him showed that she thought it through properly and decided that the marriage was worth working through. The husband is also not perfect. She didn't run away for no reason; even if he earnestly went looking for her, it wouldn't have mattered if he had not changed and learned to appreciate her more on the way. I think the only one that may have crossed a line (other than that annoying blonde girl whose name I forgot) was Leo, because he got randomly attached to a married lady he met for a few days. But even then, he respected her wishes and supported the two of them when the husband arrived.

All in all, this manhwa really is like a romantic movie like Roman Holiday. Lots of improbabilities, lots of annoying cliches, lots of grand gestures, but also a romance filled with new experiences, growth and rediscovery between the couple, and a pretty satisfactory happily ever after imo.