Author Butsuri-san de Musou shitetara Motemote ni Narimashita
Avatar gaigous 13 days ago
@stroud You, we need more of you.

@Antonius What storyline, this is just unfulfilling porn.

C'mon you guys, It's trash, and it's nowhere near Samon-kuns level of awesome, but you can't tell me this doesn't tickle your inner sadist.

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Avatar Antonius 13 days ago
I'm only coming back for the art...
I've completely given up on the story line.
Avatar kanku777 13 days ago
weird story
Avatar arcsalvo 13 days ago
Edit: I take what I said before back. This latest chapter has made me lose a little more respect for this storyline and these characters. I still think this series is (barely) readable, but I'm starting to get what others are saying. Characters are really 2-dimensional, and the MC doesn't treat girls well enough sometimes.

I stand by my "if you're out of stuff to read, I guess you can read this one" review. Note that this series is definitely NSFW, and is basically softcore hentai.

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Avatar Bokunopicoacademia 13 days ago
This is trash and I love it.
Avatar Suzukino 13 days ago
wait, was there even a story to being with? i was just reading an isekai manga with waifus.
Avatar lenovoaxioo 13 days ago
I feel that my intelligence has been INSULTED.
Avatar Kohpi 12 days ago
fucking author has a fetish for piss. Puke
Avatar gaigous 12 days ago
@Kohpi Yeah, Scat is just a few rows below Guro in my eccentric fetish rating system.
Avatar GoblinGuy 4 days ago
Scat is when they go #2, watersports is when they go #1.
Avatar Scynix 4 days ago
The girls are pretty cute but...

Isn't this borderline rape? His power is like brainwashing.
Avatar grom 4 days ago
I still think this entire manga is a gigantic troll from the author or some bet he had made to make this thing
Avatar gaigous 4 days ago
@GoblinGuy Thanks, I don't know what I was smoking to confuse the two, a lot of sites don't tag things correctly...
Avatar kingoffing 4 days ago
this series turned to hentai real quick...
Avatar monkey123 4 days ago
Hentai? This is (sp)ecchi!!!!
Avatar NovaXII 3 days ago
This is basically hentai