Author What are these goverment structures?
I have a few governments that I made which I'm not really sure what to call them.

Government #1

It's a theocratic kingdom set in a fantasy world. The kingdom prides itself on its religion that, in the beginning, everyone in the world had. The kingdom is divided into two: the inner and the outer kingdom. Those in the inner kingdom manage the outer kingdom, which is the rest of the people. Technically the king controls everything but he delegates his jobs to so many people in the inner kingdom that he's more of a representative of the inner kingdom than the king of the kingdom. Someone managing the economy in the inner kingdom is the king of the economy. Someone managing the military in the inner kingdom is the king of the military. The only way the inner kingdom expands is when a new thing needs managing or someone at the top invites trusted and talented people to help them manage the thing they're managing. The only reason a coup d'etat hasn't happened yet is that everyone in the inner kingdom are friends, and also plot convenience.

TL;DR: theocratic oligarchy but based on merits and invitation, maybe? Idk

The next two governments coexist and take place in the same series.

Government #2 (preface)

This is one of two supernations that forms after the robot war ended which caused a lot of casualties and erased quite a lot of culture. At first, it was just a bunch of survivor camps everywhere that gets bigger as the population increases and multiple camps merge together - they're the first countries post-robot war. Then the UN came back to life somewhere in the southern hemisphere and started inviting everyone starting from whoever's closest to hopefully bring together global cooperation to rebuild infrastructure.

Government #3

Out of nowhere, a new nation started expanding in the northern hemisphere. Thanks to its greater quality of life, a lot of survivors join this nation. Those who refuse to join either get bribed or threatened until they do. When the world discusses this, they joked about how this nameless nation was run by an invisible king and how its borders touch the nations that join UN that is at the south, giving them the name of Northern Kingdom. As more and more people spread this name around, it eventually sticks.

This nation runs on technocracy - meritocracy but technology. The bottom of this technocracy gathers and/or resources for the ones higher up. The middle of this technocracy does menial or tedious research. Those on the top gets the credit of leading the research. People rise by proving their talent in technology. The ones at the absolute top of the technocracy, the overseers, remain anonymous. Thanks to this, a group of people who declares themselves as the overseers with no evidence to back themselves up started forming a democratic government to control the nation which handles resource distribution, healthcare, livelihoods, etc. The actual overseers at first ignore this. Eventually, they figured that the government can coexist with the technocracy, and actively pursuing its destruction would be more troublesome than its worth. They thought that the government wouldn't hinder their plans. This, however, was a mistake.

Their plan was to unite the world as one country in the way that they see fit. The UN and other smaller nations were clearly troublesome to force them to join so, using the technocracy, they designed weapons of mass destruction nicknamed as nukes. They may or may not be actual nuclear. Using this, they declare war on pretty much all the nations to either join NK or be a target. The government was already monitoring the technocracy and was incredibly suspicious at what they are researching so they've been sending manhunts to track down the overseers. The overseers, on the other hand, aim to drive WW3 while getting rid of the established government that they mistakenly allowed to thrive.

TL;DR: democracy and technological meritocracy side by side which work together in public but try to kill each other in private.

Government #2

The nations in UN, upon receiving the declaration of war, rename themselves as the Southern United Nations and do some stuff to ease the borders within SUN and increase productivity and resource delivery. All of the sudden, a new supernation emerged, capable of rivaling NK in developing and stealing nukes such that NK couldn't bother with the smaller nations who can't defend themselves. Or at least that's what they want to call themselves. It's actually just a bunch of nations which call themselves as one nation. They make themselves as the antithesis of NK rather than making themselves their own identity. They plan to immediately divide after WW3 is over but it never does cause WW3 is just a glorified and incredibly-long cold war of stealing each other's nukes and making better weapons to threaten the other side to defeat without any actual plans to use the nukes.

TL;DR: Basically a federation trying to disguise themselves as a republic under fear of an actual supernation.

What should I call these three government structures? I'm not sure how to make a clean name for them with only a few words and not a mouthful of them.

#1 Delegative Theocratic Oligarchy
#2 Mixed Technocracy-Democracy on the edge
#3 False Republic
For number 2, something like People vs Progress? The power of democracy, the voice of the people against the power of pure technological advances and the scientific method.

For number 3 i think False Republic or Fake Union could work, (Reminds me of how fish make Schools to avoid predators, perhaps Schooling and make a comparison of a bunch of fish that stick together.)

I am no writer, and writing in english puts me at a disadvantage honestly, i hope it helps you a little though.
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#2 Sounds more like Forced progress, like, yes you are free to research anything you'd like but you still have to give something to the nation through your research, that's why things like art are not really thought of because it doesn't hold any scientific value and have to be managed by the "people" part of the goverment, a.k.a. the Democratic faction. Otherwise you are considered useless and forced to go to gulag the workforce and left to die of overwork. False happiness maybe? Hello, welcome to our country, be happy or die.

Your description of #3 with the great amount of human resources made me think of the fish schooling technique, now i want some tuna.

A bit of comment first(A bit, but long):

Regardless of the structure. a nation can't use only one or two system in their government structure. In democracy, leaders are chosen by the people and chosen from capable people. the weight capability itself is a form of merit and achievement they had built in their life, thus having a certain form meritocractic system to some degree. Some of the law taken from democratic countries also taken from religious scriptures, making the nation also have Theocracy system in it. So, it's not wrong for you listed #1 as Theocracy as the law, the kingdom vision, and leadership are based on the religious scriptures leaning more to the Theocratic system, while the way the government works are meritocratic and a bit more of federal because a portion of the ruling are delegated to vassal countries.

#1 Meritocratic Theocracy
#2 Meritocratic Technocracy
#3 Federal Replubica.(Beats me, i'm confused with this one)
@AirenxVia The religion in that world believes that progress is worship so scientific progress is a religious action. This religion only have a few folklores and a very vague definition of progress. It doesn't have religious text, these come up later after writing is widespread and popular philosophers have their philosophy written. The inner kingdom works to provide infrastructure which allows for the outer kingdom to make as much progress as fast as possible. Plus, the way they recruit people from outside towns into the kingdom is by boasting their religion, which the other town also have.

I haven't considered the invitation and corruption that you pointed out tho. I do plan on having a government conspiracy eventually but not in the beginning of the series.