Author Should we upload in a huge resolution if available?
Avatar Random_Passer-by 6 days ago
So there's a certain manga I translate, whose raws are, for each image, a hair below 40 megapixels. As a scanlator it's a dream to work with, but I can understand that some readers...
Could you guys lower the size to usual scan size like 1200-1300 px? It's hard for me to read with my phone cause the image size

don't exactly find it convenient.

Do the site staff have a preference either way? Big or small images?
Avatar 421cookies 6 days ago
I believe there's a setting to have the image fit your browser window.
For me, I'd be fine as long the size doesn't get much bigger than 1MB or so.
Avatar ixlone 6 days ago
The main issue here is that we only support 100mb maximum upload per chapter.

Are you running the files through pngout? You can save some space by removing extra crap that isn't needed with no image loss.

I normally release at 1400x2000. And it looks nice on reader and on mobile imo.
Avatar Holo 6 days ago
Also bear in mind that the image server HDD costs money. If people don't keep images to a reasonable size, it's going to bring forward the next image server upgrade, which in turn increases the cost of running MD.
Avatar Teasday 6 days ago
@421cookies posted:

I believe there's a setting to have the image fit your browser window.

I don't think that's the problem, it's having to download several megabytes per image on a mobile internet connection.

Having enormous raws is great, but personally I would say if each of your pages are over 2MB, you're kind of doing something wrong.
Avatar 421cookies 5 days ago
@Teasday Ah, i see. Didn't notice the 40MP part.

@Random_Passer-by Well, It's fricking 8K dude. Even with good internet connection my phone would still taking seconds only to render it.
FHD is still the mainstream so just keep it around 1 or 2k.
If you find it inconvenient to work with, then you can do it in 8k and size it in batch when you done.

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Avatar Random_Passer-by 5 days ago
@ixlone I tried PNGout. The bad news: Each image takes about 15min to complete. The good news: 50% compression.

The chapters I upload are 8 pages each, so I could sextuple their size and still be under the 100 Mb file-size limit. Maybe it would be worth-while to change the limit so it depends on the number of pages? (And will that limit change depending on whether the image is coloured or not?)

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Avatar ixlone 5 days ago

Even at 20mb a picture you'd be killing our image servers with files that size.

And that 100mb limit is the upload limit for the entire chapter. So even at 20mb per page you'd not be able to upload it with 8 pages.

The limit is a hard limit set by Cloudflare, if we wanted to increase it then we'd have to pay them £250 a MONTH. Naturally, we can't afford that on just increasing the upload filesize limit so that people can upload absurd res images. For that price we could add 3 extra image servers and 1.5gb/s bandwidth!

You can maybe offer the max res images on your own site, and a lower res here though? Best of both worlds!

Edit: Though I'd recommend PNGouting all stuff anyway, cos it saves a crap ton of bandwidth.

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Avatar Holo 5 days ago
Ideally images shouldn't really be exceeding a few MB per page.
Avatar Random_Passer-by 5 days ago
Would it be too much trouble to ask for an official, staff-approved set of guidelines? Something like: "Below X MB per page, green light; below Y MB, yellow light; above Y MB, don't think about it."
Avatar ixlone 5 days ago

There's already a 100mb cap on chapters. That is limiting enough.

Most groups make their pages reasonable sizes so it's just not really an issue. My scanned raws are 6000px in height, but I'd never release them at that res - it would be pointless. There's a limit to how much can be shown on screen and it's going to be downscaled anyway if someone wants to fit it on their screen width.

Add to that we aren't really in the business of telling groups how to make their releases - not really up to us to tell people what they can do with their work. I would, however, encourage people to make them reasonable and to PNGout their final pages, just cos it's kinder to our servers and means a better user experience for everyone if there's more bandwidth to go around and not being wasted on massive pages.