Author @admins can you do something about @Zephyrus harrassing me?
Avatar kronix 7 days ago
@Plykiya @Holo @ixlone @Zephyrus

I have read the comment rules, most of my comments are completely based off the chapter in discussion, some people don't like the way I communicate my views on the chapter and end up blocking me, ignoring fine. There are many other people that don't mind what I do and do in fact discuss with me in comments or in PMs.

one of your mods @Zephyrus keeps harassing me threatening me because he doesn't like the way I write my comments. There has been an entire witchhunt focusing entirely on me over the last couple of days and to be completely honest it's getting tiresome. You don't have to agree with my views or even pay attention to me. Don't like what I say then block me but don't go around stroking your e-peen and flexing your e-muscle for whatever reason.

Look at comment for example thread

Complete comment 100% related to the chapter, then some butthurt user feels he needs to make a PSA letting everyone in the world know how he has blocked me, my! why would I give a shit about some random joe on the internet that blocks me? the snowflake wants my attention so bad he feels the need to grab my acknowledgement of such actions.

I replied with a small comic I made with paint on how utterly stupid the action of those people is, wanting to get my attention after they block me like I have some control over them... then @Zephyrus edits my post and tells me this is my one last warning for what? For defending myself from PERSONAL ATTACKS BY OTHER USERS USING A PICTURE?

It's funny how this individual is so hellbent on enforcing rules on myself when there are many other people personally attacking me for my views and opinions. Don't like what I have to say then either block or simply ignore me thank you.

The image in question that the mod removed and is harassing me for, going as far as to call it "troll" :

matter of fact, looking at that thread again I was the only one following the rules, when people are going off-topic making comments that have nothing to do with the chapter of the specific manga. FeelsBadMan

Might as well include the following rule to the info page:

"Do not discuss the characters in the story with a weak characteristic trope that some readers may feel hurt by, do not use words like 'beta' or 'self-cuck' when discussing characters since some readers may feel hurt by it"

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Avatar Zephyrus 6 days ago
While it is true that you have not technically broken any rules, you're breaking the spirit of them. You know full well that there's a difference between discussing tropes in a series and posting in such a manner that seeks to get a rise out of it's intended targets, i.e., the "cucks" and "betas".

Are you really going to try and argue that a post such as this is intended to stoke the fires of intellectual discussion?

I have already explained to you once in another thread why people find your attitude aggravating. You clearly did not listen or care to change your ways. Instead you decided to post a comic that, while technically breaking no rules, was clearly an attempt to troll.

Lastly, as to your claim that you were just "defending yourself", that's not an excuse. We have rules on MD for a reason and while we don't have a report system for manga comments and forum posts just yet, if you feel like a rule has been broken or that you've been unfairly targeted, you have the ability to PM moderators about it. I note that you were able to make this wall of text post but couldn't be bothered to PM a mod to reign in your "harassers". I can't take action if I don't know about something.

In conclusion, please stop trolling. Discuss manga in a manner that I *know* you're capable of. This isn't 4chan and edgy posting styles aren't welcome here.

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Avatar ixlone 5 days ago
The fact that you are blocked by over 500 people - 19x more than the next most blocked person - tells me you are doing something wrong.

I can't be bothered to go read your comments and see what it is you are doing, but I'd suggest calming down a bit.
Avatar 421cookies 5 days ago