Author Do people hate ntr because it reminds them of there own life?
Avatar theilikepie 7 days ago
Maybe people hate ntr so much because its always happening to them. In real life they are the beta mcs in there own story but when they have a crush on a cute girl the girl always chooses the better guy over them. So whenever the potential for ntr arrives they spaz out as it gives them PTSD flashbacks
Avatar fitizen 7 days ago
Nah, some people hate ntr because they get emotionally invested into a story. They like the mc/whoever and seeing them get ntr'd feels bad. Just like people don't want to see the mc's mom die, they don't want to see the mc's girlfriend ntr'ing him. Another thing is, people want to read vanilla because they enjoy seeing two two people in a loving relationship. So when something like a death or ntr ruins that story, well it makes sense that people would start to hate ntr.
Also, your entire post reeks of projection and anyone can make the baseless claims you did.
Why do people love ntr? Is it because it is always happening to them irl? Irl they must be the betas mc of their own story so when they read manga or whatever, they self insert into the one ntr'ing to cope with their lives being the opposite.
Avatar Scooterific 7 days ago
Ntr is just a fetish and while I personally don't go out of my way looking for it, it doesn't stop me from reading something that contains it as long as it adds to the story. It's essentially just being a cuckold, so maybe if we are relating this to real life then people who aren't/don't plan on being a cuck most likely won't like or read ntr. It seems you might be projecting like @fitizen said
Avatar AthalosJ 6 days ago
@theilikepie Well I personally loathe/hate NTR essentially because anytime I read, even if it isn't a good story, I end up subconsciously imagining myself as the protagonist of the story, it's an annoying habit of mines and this habit makes me loathe NTR with a passion.

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Avatar Tikibo 6 days ago
It's like isekai, maybe there are few good stories out there but mostly it's trash level of parody. Its target audience are fetishists so you don't have to care too much for quality.

I would rather reverse that question, why people like NTR? Especially those that want to be "manly, manly, strong men"...

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Avatar mikegnesium 6 days ago
...because most manga readers are insecure, emotionally immature children that can't deal with stress, even in fiction? It's kinda pathetic.

No matter the plot, level of storytelling, or depth of character portrayal, titles with even a hint of infidelity (even unrealized lol, like crushing over someone else) always get trashed (good examples - 2113 and 19165).

people want to read vanilla

"Problem" is, they don't want to read anything else. It's like wanking off. And when they do, by accident ("why no trigger warning for my alpha self?!"), they're being reactionary seaworlds in comments or ratings. Why read anything, why live.

self insert into

"you're using it wrong"

edit: It actually extends to every uncomfortable topic, not just "cheating". Hence "pathetic" and "children".

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Avatar Tikibo 6 days ago
@up you are sure that those titles that you mentioned aren't trashed because 1st has trash level of writing and the 2nd is just your typical korean hentailike-cartoon with literally no plot which was made to circumvent pornban? But sure, be the "emotionally mature person" and keep reading it.

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Avatar mikegnesium 6 days ago
because 1st has trash level of writing and the 2nd is just your typical korean hentailike-cartoon with literally no plot which was made to circumvent pornban? But sure, be the "emotionally mature person" and keep reading it.

Thanks for actually proving my point. What i'm actually sure of, is that you're spewing bs - in future, maybe try reading with both hands, instead of keeping one in your panties. Or instead of being generally triggered by everything, whichever the case it is with you blokes.

...just because something is tagged with "smut" doesn't mean that the first thing you should do is trying to jack off to it.

It's actually doubly pathetic, because those kind of comments and strawmen are always coming from supposedly "manly men", that for whatever reason can't deal with feelz others than some infantile kid-like fluff fantasy that is playing inside their heads. Once again, this is fiction. It isn't happening to you.

But triggerfags gonna triggerfag, what you gonna do. Beta melty snowflake mentality is something to flaunt, not to be ashamed of nowadays.

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Avatar Tikibo 6 days ago
The first one is like typical Satou Nanki story: flat personalisation with unrealistic behaviour from characters. What is there to read more? If you somehow feel close to those characters, good for you, but don't expect others to do the same.

To your information, I think there are good starting series with NTR (Wolf Guy or Homunculus for example), but they usually go from pretty realistic depiction of emotions and human behaviour to dumb shitfest in a span of few chapters.

BTW you can call names (I think that you didn't understand what I wrote earlier too) how much you want, it's your problem not mine. And it only shows who is the insecure one. I just described quite large group of people who love cuckold and NTR, they try to look as "hard, alpha males" but usually are exactly what you described as "most manga readers".

Edit: ok, I'm not gonna waste my time for a person who uses words like "triggerfag (..) Beta melty snowflake mentality" to describe others but himself is as insecure as Windows XP with IE. Go on, no need to reply.

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Avatar mikegnesium 6 days ago
flat personalisation

Once again, thank you. You're just repeating what you'd read somewhere about his writing - whole ten volumes have been nothing but "personalisation" (use your damn words precisely or check them beforehand, because that's not the one to use here), but then again, one would have to read more than first ten pages to know that. Same goes for that "korean hentailike-cartoon", especially "no plot" part. Typical "no research, strong opinion anyway" approach.

To your information

Don't care. You don't have to prove anything to me.

who love cuckold and NTR, they try to look as "hard, alpha males"

That might be one of the dumbest things that i've read here so far. And this site has kronix.

edit: Too bad, already did. Just go back to your safe space.

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Avatar davem 6 days ago
Not really? More like as social animals, we prefer success to failure. It doesn't really matter what you do to the protagonist, no matter what he loses, no matter how he suffers, so long as, in the end, he finds some way to matter, changing himself or his world into something a bit better than it was before. Well, we are also prone to empathy. Empathising with someone else's suffering doesn't feel good, so you at least want them to be remembered. In many versions of Robin Hood, the story stops with his death. But even without children, with without a country, the reader can accept that he is a giant that changed the world toward the direction he prefers, in a way that won't be forgotten. In NTR? The main character, once the other two stop being amused by his suffering, could be abducted by aliens or fall off a cliff. The end of his story is that he doesn't matter at all.

The Protagonist in NTR isn't the main character, but rather the guy stealing the girl, as the defining feature of a protagonist is that his decisions matter. But the protagonist in an NTR doesn't achieve happiness. He's basically an algae eater, swimming along the bottom, eating what comes into his mouth, and pooping it all out again. It's just hedonism, mixed with a generous portion of sadism. Getting this particular girl/guy is never going to make him happy. The getting the girl in these stories is just a McDonald's cheeseburger of relationships. It fills the stomach, for a while. In a few weeks, he'll swim on and eat something new.

Whereas, the only important aspect of the main character is that he loses his (potential) happiness. There is nothing to like about him or his situation. He is completely unimportant to what is going on, and just the author/artist insists on telling his story anyway. You basically have no expectation toward his happiness. Nor are you even supposed to care. If he ends up dying early working in a black firm without ever dating again, it's all the same to the reader. And it isn't a story that will be told anyway.

The girl (role) in all this doesn't even have agency, being a creature with all the virtue and emotional depth of a stray cat. Often she's got the same sadistic streak as the protagonist. Most of the time she doesn't put any thought into what she does. She's also a bottom feeder in most of the stories I've seen. In a sense, the two who get together deserve each other.. though it's not like the relationship will last. None of the characters in the story achieve anything more than a brief comfort. All 3 will be no better off than they were in a few days/weeks. The best case for the relationship is probably Al Bundy. So why would most people like it? At best, you could manage some schadenfreude. But the main character is usually not a bad guy.. so why would you take pleasure in him suffering? And if you do, why not just read a story from the perspective of the protagonist or the girl?

Basically, the entire genre is an oddity from the perspective of its storytelling. It would be more enjoyable told by anyone but the main character's perspective. Even a 3rd party's.
Avatar Tcof 4 days ago

NTR reader here. and answer the reason why we (or just mine) like NTR. (also just in Hen, mostly) it because it fun to messing with the girl. Ruined her. look at her horny face.
To me the expression is what important. in these genre, it usually a safe bet while it very hard to find a good vanilla. since over half vanilla is the MC just get random lucky fuk out of nowhere and the girl love him for no good reason is a big turn off for me. Peace
Avatar castrix 4 days ago
In my case I like ntr because I like to see MC/any character suffer (just like guro)
but there are some times when I can't take it as well, especially if it's a long stories when the story grab your emotion. It's probably just disappointment, when you expect a ship but it turns out opposite
Avatar mikegnesium 4 days ago
So aside from readers possibly being infantilized arrested development ya (and beyond), there's also that:

"Absolutely no ptsd whatsoever, no sir, move on, i'm not insecure and my life is going peachy."

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Avatar DjAlexDubCheck 4 days ago
You need a medic

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Avatar DjAlexDubCheck 4 days ago
Now that's what I call a genre breakdown (or, even better, autopsy)

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Avatar projectbook24mm 3 hrs ago
Yeah, anyone who can be bothered to make several long, emotionally charged posts on something like this is probably not someone people would want to associate with, just saying.
Avatar Random_Passer-by 2 hrs ago
So not bothering to read every comment here.

Generally, if I'm emotionally invested in a story, and I see something that I'd dislike in a close friend, I'll have an emotional reaction to it. And trust me, this goes both ways: A good way for me to drop a manga is when the MC (of either gender) goes from one romantic partner to another without adequate justification. This happens a great deal in cheap shoujo, but there are also some excuse-plot, read-and-fap seinen that have this. Equally BS IMHO.

So, if I dislike it IRL and dislike for the protagonists, GUESS WHAT! I dislike it in supporting characters too.

(BTW, davem seems to be making a lot of good points.)
Avatar samuel_maxis 2 hrs ago
The problem can be broken down by society standards and the phenomenon of the marriage market.

Basically the most important attribute for a female is and always was her capacity for child bearing. For a men however this is only important for his offspring because offspring of others are a negative income for him especially if he is called upon to pay it. Additionally relationships are ressource-intensive, for instance time, food, gifts etc. In a case of infidelity it means those ressources were wasted. Also the woman becomes basically worthless as she can't be trusted to be faithful to any man. With that she normally becomes a time waste for the reader too.

The ntr genre is from a more psychological perspective wierd. For one that woman would imply infidelity making her for the purposes of child bearing genrally suboptimal. This could imply relationship or bonding fears in the reader as it is easier to achieve a child with such an unfaihful woman than with a woman which would demand emotional and ressouce investment. Another thing is that in ntr stories the man doing the ntr is in most cases an older overweight guy which might reflect its fanbase the most. With that they can more easily identify with the ntr executing man.