Author Blocking: The upgrade!
Avatar Zephyrus 14 days ago
While blocking previously only blocked people from PMing you, it now blocks all manga/forum comments.

While I still will accept reports of rule violations, I'd like to suggest that everyone make use of this blocking feature. It'll make your lives much easier if you don't have to stress out about that one problem user that's raising your blood pressure to unhealthy heights!

Also, please be patient with us in regards to comments and forum posts moderation. There is not a proper report function for either of those things yet nor do mods have sufficient tools to discipline repeat offenders. Hopefully that will come soon.
Avatar Lymus 14 days ago

blocks Zeph

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Avatar DiMuRie 14 days ago
Blocks the user MangaDex

Where did all the manga go?
Avatar FredFriendly 14 days ago
Hooray! It works!!! Thanks a bunch!
Avatar Plykiya 14 days ago
Overthrow the mods, block them

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Avatar DrNo 14 days ago
I made a donation to thank you for this upgrade.
Avatar Nolonar 14 days ago
I'm curious to see how many people are going to block kronix now.
Avatar DjAlexDubCheck 14 days ago
@Nolonar He's gonna start wondering why nobody is replying to him xD
Avatar remarx 14 days ago
Now I can have a peace of mind.
Avatar FredFriendly 14 days ago
@Nolonar, @DjAlexDubCheck: How did I know that comment blocking was finally implemented?

I got this message when I went to view the comments for the latest Tonikaku Cawaii chapter:

This post is hidden because you blocked kronix.

@remarx: My thoughts exactly!
Avatar kronix 14 days ago
thank godness now I can block the incels and beta self inserts that spam my notifications with yaoi / BL gay shit because of their insecurities when I talk about sex and beta MCs!

literally had a notification train of 30 from the same dude spamming me gay shit.

Finally discussions with only alphas!
Avatar Kraeth 13 days ago
Nice, though I'd prefer that even the 'hidden' wasn't there and there would be no mention whatsoever.
Avatar Zephyrus 13 days ago
Please do not troll. You are clearly using the terms "incel" and "beta" in order to get a rise out of other users. This is your first warning.


Avatar firefish5000 13 days ago
Surprized something like this would be hard to implement. Not sure what your framework or implementation goals are though.
The basic feature seems like (at the database level).

*Offender UserID | *Reporter UserID | *Offense ID | Post ID (optional)| Comment (optional)

Then a report view on Flagged users could be made, sorted by report count from different reports for each offending userid.
A slightly more advanced version (resistant to malicious users and bots) would also take past reports into account, and prioritize reports from users who have a good report history.
Eg. High report count, most/all confirmed by mods, few to none rejected. say a min of 0.7-0.9 report acceptance ratio with at least 10 reports. (after all, 1 report from a dedicated user who we know has read the rules is worth more than 100 reports from random strangers who have not. )

This would require breaking reports down into groups. Eg. Confirming PostID x is an offense would raise the Report acceptance ratio for all who reported the post, Confirming a username would contribute to all who reported that username.
Even if you don't take this report history and ratio into account for reviewing posts, it should be useful for picking mods and finding Mod candidates in a pinch.

But again, no clue what your using or what your goals are. But it just seems like any report implementation would be better than none/pming mods. And that this feature seems like it would take a load off of the mods backs. I am just a lowly backend programmer/linux sys admin though. Would love to help, but not sure if I could contribute anything
Avatar sparklemonster 13 days ago
If you have uBlock Origin, you can add the following to your filters: > td:has-text(/^This post is hidden because you blocked/)
Avatar minosaor 13 days ago
instead needed (manual) to block ppl.. from Dm me.. Can't I've option Where I can Disable/Enable ALL ppl from Dm me..
I DON'T WANT TO SEE ANY Message! please.
Avatar IMnormalthatwhyIHATEyaoiyuri 13 days ago
@minosaur good point!
Avatar OniBarubary 13 days ago
A much needed and very welcome upgrade.

While the comment sections and...I assume forums, have been pretty damn good so far, with more popularity brings more of the negative side of manga fandom which was just a matter of time until it showed up. Having a system in place to keep annoying users from bothering your enjoyment in discussing a manga while still having a system in place for reporting users that cross stronger lines than just an aggressive or inflammatory opinion is a great way to go about things. Maybe in the future with bigger influxes of shitty people a dedicated reporting/banning system may be more efficient/helpful but that's something for another day.

Avatar boag 13 days ago
This update is a blessing, thank you so much.

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Avatar Me 13 days ago