Author Chapter 41 (A False Confession)
the translation team is so funny lmao
The last scent and the kants really funny XD I know half of them~• thanks for the translation:) can't wait for another chapter..
Thanks for the update! Also I love the Kant pics (>y<) I was laughing while reading them !

found out that fox kant is from contract concubine!
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Omg that end card though.... is gonna haunt my forever hahahahahaha
Thank you for the chapter 😍❤️😍
Where is Bitch Kant from he the only one I don't know 😭
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OG Kant:😉
Step on me Kant: to be you even just for a day
sexy Kant: lady baby
cute Kant: Who Made Me A Princess.
chaebol Kant: Inso's Law

whipped Kant: La Dolce Vita de Adelaide
brat Kant: Beware of the Brothers
siscon Kant: the emperor's companion
gentle daddy Kant: seducing the villian's father
twillinght Kant: the tyrant's first love

saint Kant: Daughter of the Emperor
amnesia Kant: Why are you doing this duke ?
fox Kant: contract concubine
feral Kant: The Pet of the Villainess
tiger Kant: The duchess with an empty soul

magiscian Kant: The 101st Heroine
stoic Kant: The Reason Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke's Mansion
hot daddy Kant: The Abandoned Empress
second fiddle Kant: A capable maid
emperor Kant: What kind of Empress is This?

angel Kant: On The Emperor's Lap
snake Kant: Survive as the Hero's Wife
maso Kant: I met the male lead in prison
oedipus Kant: A Stepmother's Marchen
buttler Kant: Chitra

bitch Kant: July Found By Chance
diplomatic Kant: My Lord, the Wolf Queen
wolf Kant: The Youngest Princess
demon Kant: Sica Wolf
flirty Kant: The Duke's Servant
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Thank you for this release! But maaaaan out of all these Kants nothing beats the original one 😍

Flirty Kant is from The Duke's Servant
Tank you ^^
looks like she buffed up more than she thought.
Nah for real did I miss something?? Why is she so sure he'll kill her once he finds out the confession was a mistake?? 🤨 It feels more like the author can't think of a good reason for the MC to keep hiding the truth
At this point she should stop thinking he'll kill her. It's getting sad towards him if she keeps thinking she's gonna get killed by him every chapter 😞
Hey guys! Need help! Who are sexy kant, Oedipus Kant, and Diplomatic Kant? 😂

Thanks a bunch in advance!
@Serinama14 @Kingdo He is from July Found By Chance. He lives up to the name "Bitch Kant" lol but in the end he turns out alright.
does anyone know the guy at the end? "please help us" one ?????😭😭
tank you ^^
Omg i love cabel so much 😭
I can't Kant. 🤣🤣🤣

I'm confused about the ending of this chapter. 🤔