Author Improvements to data saver option, servers and recruitment for a dev to work on...
Quite literally the only thing I changed was replacing the url, I have absolutely no clue why that would cause any kind of conceivable issues in iOS devices specifically

Even IE4 would support the single line of code I added

What I should mention is that toggling the data saver option works in the same way as changing the image server: the image sources associated with the currently loaded chapter will not be automatically updated, so to see the change in the same chapter you'd have to refresh the page
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There’s a similar p2p file system to h@h called IPFS, which is positioned more towards files in general rather than specifically images. I’m unsure if it is more or less efficient than h@h though.
@NodiX, your Reddit post is down.
For me there is no question that WebP has superior compression. But JpegXL is not far from being published, with far superior compression again. The issue for the Mangadex team is that 20% of their users can't view WebP, or something like that.

I do quite like the idea of having a third party (user) set up a server using the Mangadex API to convert images to modern formats and then serve them to other users with some script to redirect users from
It'd probably be totally impractical. I'm no web developer. I do like the sound of it though.

What? Really? Whenever I browse Reddit I use proxy since my country is blocking it, I'm not aware if it's actually down to other people.

Let me just post the direct link here:

That website can already detect for webp features, so iOS users will be served JPEG instead if they can't consume WEBP--or, original PNG also an option, though currently still not supported. And I'm aware about JXL, been experimenting it on a site that encode it with WebAssembly. The result was quite impressive, though I don't know whether browser politics will make the browser implementation awkward just like WEBP yet again, since Apple's image format little darling seems to be HEIF nowadays.
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Would be nice if there's an option for registered used for Data Saver to be on by default, but only for series that they don't follow or have previously read before. So they could easily browse through other titles or if they are back reading for some missed/forgotten details.
I wish "Data saver on by default" is kept permanently. A huge amount of people don't really care about the quality, so having them not strain the servers too much potentially would be a huge improvement to the service.
Modifying the H@ H client to work with Mangadex doesn't seem that difficult. The harder part would probably be configuring the servers (though that doesn't seem too difficult, looking at the documentation).

I just don't know if the client would get widespread adoption by MD users without offering some kind of perk.

One of the perks you could offer is a temporary priority queue for manga - specifically giving some users priority to get the higher quality image within a certain time of upload and then allowing everyone else to get it after 10-15 hours or so.
Did anyone consider using something like IPFS as an auxiliary CDN of-sorts instead of H@H?

It does something similar, however with an immediately available pool of gateways (including one run CloudFlare), peers and an ability to participate with existing clients instead of ones that have to be developed from scratch.
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Stop suggesting webp already, it's a meme format.
Be careful of bad actors (such as the ones that try to ruin your life if you like the president) applying for M@H clients.

The link in the OP is broken for me btw. "home" needs to be "Home".
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It seems like most series are essentially unreadable now due to the delays.. does this just lower the resolution or what exactly will it do to exacerbate the issue of stuff just not loading? Thanks for everything either way!

People here been asking WEBP because we know how CDN billing work - storage space is just plain cheaper than bandwidth billing.
I was literally thinking it should be on default when first implemented. For the people that don't notice the difference it won't hurt them And people that notice can just change it. Nice work!
ixlone OP
ixlone OP

We've already had quite a bit of interest in people wanting to host clients. So I'm hopeful people will help out.


The perks that h@h gives you exh are thing we already do by default though. We don't limit the amount of thumbs, images, no ads, long strip reader - and it would be a bit of a dick move if we did start to, just to get people to host a client.

There may be other things we can offer, which is something we will no doubt look into, but getting it running is more of a priority for now. If you are willing and able, and want to help sort out the backend, then drop by our discord and let us know.
Ah so I guess the long load times were not on my end afterall, thats good to know

Thanks for the update
>panda wiki link

Ah, I see this place really was made by people of deep culture. No wonder it turned out so good.

P.S. It really makes me sad that most people think that nhentai is the place. Then again, the less people know, the better.
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@AthK Make sure it's still actually png data and not just the url. The url only changes the "data" to "data-saver", the rest stays the same even if the noncompressed version is a png, so I would assume data saver is working for you still. Example:

If you view info on the info on the data-saver one, it'll specify that the data's jpeg format even though it's still named U1.png.

That's data-saver actually already jpg file. Browser doesn't decide a file's type by its url, but by MIME type. You can check it by dev tool and see what it tells you in response header "content-type".

edit: shit, my bad, you just want to point that out and I didn't read the original post by the last page, sorry.
@Salfaro Ohk Thanks! I was just seeing the end of the url...
Question we are still waiting on the servers to be delivered right. Will it fix the problem with past chapters that have been uploaded because I’m unable to load some chapters after quite some time. And is it better for us to turn on data saver to help reduce bandwidth for the current server?
Thank you for the time you have took to read this comment.
That would be wonderful. I always liked radio theaters (I listened them while working).