Author New feature: Data saver option
It's much worse in asia. Not just slow, but total failure to load images. Takes multiple tries.
Could this be enabled by default for the mobile pages, or maybe a separate option for it? Would be nice on my phone but I'd rather have full res on my PC
This is a great new feature, many thanks!
Also second the previous poster re default for mobile/separate option if able please, otherwise I'm kinda constantly having to change the option between when I use my mobile and when I'm on my PC.
The data saver feature seems to have stopped working for me, for some reason.

It was working fine a few hours ago, and the pages I was loading had pretty easy to identify jpeg artifacting on them, but loaded fairly quickly.

At the moment, though, pages take a very long time to load, and show up without any of the artifacting I saw previously. I loaded the same chapter I had earlier, and the pages are completely clean.


Regardless of whether I toggle on/off the data saver option, I'm always being served the same image, now.

This is what I got earlier:
This is what I get now:

In both cases, I have data saver enabled. I'm just being served two different quality images.

(the page in question, for reference:


edit: I probably caught the servers while this update was happening, haha:
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@holo it doesn't seem to be working for me, I haven't seen anyone comment from South America so maybe that's why it's slow for me?, every page takes at least 1 minute to load
Make sure you've turned the setting on in the reader itself.
Honestly I just want the images to be resized down. That save download size while not hurting the quality too much. People who use data saver probably don't own huge screens anyway.

There are transparent image resize proxies out there, including from Google - which I use for my homebrew data saver: (paste the URL to a chapter then submit).
This is great. I read through chapters fairly quickly so HQ images are a waste for me. Data saver is working great in Japan.
you’re a miracle @Holo , I’ll follow you for the rest of my life
Without data saver : 3.27 MB.
With data saver : 109.62 KB.
I don't think quality is my priority since I can't enjoy reading if you need to wait for the images to show.

Btw thank you, and also I'm excited for the P2P feature.
this surely helps SEA base bros.. coz loading such a bitch nowadays..
btw how many percentage of image was compressed?
i hope you add some options like 25% / 50% / 75% compression?
Data saver is really nice (I think it's sufficiently high quality even for viewing on my 4K monitor) but the fact that it resizes two-page spreads can sometimes mess up the reader for side-by-side view.

When the spread page is too narrow, the reader thinks "okay we can show two pages now in the width" and then throws off the even/odd page order.
Doesn't work with older chapters...
Even though I have re-enabled it in reader settings so many times I was still served mighty MB(s) png's.
Hopefully this feature will be implemented on all of the exisiting chapters.
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sorry to say dude, it seems the conpression is not working so great, this one page size is like 1.9 MB tf
I don't understand why are some images getting corrupted with this data saver mode. Happened to two new pages in two different manga this week.
@drixomanbeta A bug report would be better than resurrecting this thread.
still got a lot of error but its working fine when you reload the browser page