Author This manga deserves translation!!!
I want to bump it up, but i forget the author's name.....

edit : ill be back
This one is a good shoujo ai
Yuri Shiruzu By Yurikago author's twitter alrd translated
Nice comedy and Yuri
Senior who doesnt want to fall to her Succubus Junior. same author as above (please forgive me, i use google translate サキュバスの後輩に堕とされたくない先輩 correct me if i am wrong) ardl trnslated

@421cookies yo, need some more man

edit 2 : looks like i am not doing some research first b4 making a post...
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@pandascepter I think I've seen Yurikago stuffs here

Let's see...
It seems to be manhwa and I haven't yet to read it to but LoveLive Nijigasaki seiyuu (Akarin, Kaorin, Chunrun) tweeted about it today so I think I'm gonna read it

Title: ある日、お姫様になってしまった件について (That Day I become a Princess) (I don't know what the korean title is)
Author: Plutus
Oh wait, It's already translated as i'm looking for it.
Another stuff then

Title: 幽霊女子と霊感ゼロ男子の話 (Yuurei Joshi to Reikan Zero Danshi no Hanashi)
Author: [url=]松もくば[/url]
Genre: SoL, Supernatural, Cute
Publisher: Nico Nico Sirius

Cute ghost trying to chase away an Ikemen from her house while unknowingly falling in love with him.
I know you weebs love stuff like this.

Also, somebody please tl namo sensei new manga or at least lend me the rip of harta so I can tl it myself

Edit: man, it's been a while since I open MD on PC, my ava parrot looks annoying as fuck
Edit again: oh wait, someone already tl namo new manga. nice
If possible, I'd like to suggest this title to be translated for MangaDex.

Title: Ne no-chan wa × × shitai!! ネノちゃんは××したい!!
Raw Manga:
Author/Artist: すめしお
Publisher: cycomi
Genre: ecchi, comedy, romance
(Shows 12 chapters but should currently be up to 29 chapters)

A boy helps a mysterious sea slug, who then comes back as a human girl with strange and ecchi powers.
@4RTmontana I dropped it due to the stupid censorship right off the batt but maybe I should check it back?

Title: アエカナル (Aekanar)
Author: 笹倉綾人
Genre: SoL, Romance, Legal Loli
Publisher: Dengeki Comics

Suicidal salaryman meet immortal loli. Have been reading the web version (available on author twitter) and thanks kadokawa-sama it got serialized. More hundred years old loli won't hurt you know?
@421cookies That is fine, whatever you think works best. Would like it if you did check back into it when you get the chance, I would like to see this manga translated if possible. Looks like a fun read.
Here is another manga that can possibly get a translation.

Title: りきじょ Rikijo
Author/Artist: Utamaro
Publisher: Gekkan Action
Genre: sports
Link: (AP)
you got anymore of those shit bro ?
It feels like I only read manga on twitter these days…
Well, something that I find a while back
魔法少女はそうじゃない!(Mahou Shoujo wa sou Janai) by Kosuzume
Quite well known mangaka from Ganma, I would say all his works to this day is interesting.
The premise to put simply is Mahou Shoujo hunting ugly bastards
I'd like to suggest kaseifu no nagisa san - Furiko Yotsuhara
Seems pretty funny
Title: りきじょ Rikijo
Author/Artist: Utamaro
Publisher: Gekkan Action
Genre: sports

Title: Houkago Shoujo Bout
Author/Artist: Kakuji Fujita
Genre: martial arts, action