Author Angel Densetsu
By no means a masterpiece, but a must read and a good manga. Sometimes, you might feel frustrated, or even sorry for the main character, but his optimism and the cast of side characters that eventually gather up to be the amazing pair of people they are makes it so much worth it to continue past those little points.

Thanks to the people that made this story available and good to read for us, as well as the author for his extreme effort and heart.
I got quite surprised by reading "Angel Densetsu". I can't call that a masterpiece because of the drawing quality but it's a great manga with an amazing plot. It's stunning how Norihiro Yagi evolved since "Angel Densetsu" until "Claymore". I totally recommend reading both.
Hm. Just finished the whole thing. Mixed feelings.

I was very invested in the main character, but, unfortunately, I find it really hard to enjoy stories where all the other characters misunderstand the main character and act willfully and hurtfully, even though it's supposed to be humourous. I've always found that kind of humour very difficult to enjoy because I feel to frustrated and sympathetic for the MC. And, if I don't find a lot of it humourous, the actions of most of the characters towards the MC suddenly seem incredibly, horribly cruel - the actions of almost every single character, and especially the teachers. I kept reading because I kept thinking there'd be some significant developments soon, but the developments that occurred ended up being much smaller, much later, and much less satisfying thanI liked, because the MC deserved so much more than that after everything he went through.

This is certainly a very easy-to-read story. I appreciated that it stayed much truer to its premise of the MC having a scary appearance than many similar stories (where the MC usually starts to be drawn much more appealingly after a few chapters because someone has discovered his nice side). It gradually built a lively cast of characters, even though it tended to repeat the same scenario with every new character introduced, and I honestly got tired of the endless stupidity or mindless prejudice many of the characters showed.

I can see why other people enjoyed it. I'm just not someone who is able to enjoy stories where characters are constantly misunderstanding or willfully disregarding the MC's real thoughts and feelings, even when the story is otherwise engagingly written. There were enough genuinely nice or funny bits sprinkled across the story to keep me hoping the MC's situation would improve soon and kept me wanting to read on and on until it did - after all, I became extremely fond of the MC. In the end, though, it stuck to its premise and left me with a "things will be a bit better now," ending rather than the larger payoff I was holding out for.

I think that if you're considering reading this and you're not the kind of person who gets too bothered stories that put the MC in this kind of position, there's a lot for you to enjoy. If you do tend to feel sad and frustrated for the MC, or are just really tired of belligerent characters who always try to get revenge for the perceived dent to their pride with more violence, then be aware that the tone the manga sets in its first few small arcs is reasonably faithfully continued throughout the story; that people whose attitude changes are few and far between, especially for the first third/half of the story.

This is just my personal review, and not at all intended to invalidate the opinions of others who enjoyed it more or less than I did.

(I'd give this 7/10.)
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@aurinne well said. I felt pretty satisfied when it ended but i do remember feeling pretty annoyed at the stubbornness of some of the characters in going against kitano. However the way takehisa, ikuno and ryouko turn out to be at the end is great.
i love kitano sm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, crying rn
One of the great cult classics of the 2000s. Fucking love it.
Theres somthing with the same premise of a guy who is kind to everyone, but its not this
This was bomb tho
Our boy Kitano

The story would be much better if it focused on how Kitano lives, not how others perceive him. The level of misunderstandings escalated far beyond the acceptable level of comedy.