Author Homepage thumbnail loading issue.
Mangadex isn't loading the bottom half of it's homepage thumbnails if i use browser apps like chrome or brave..At this point im not sure where the problem is...the apps, mangadex, or my phone?
It's an unknown.
First bet is MD being congested, causing connection to be slow, and your phone/MD server cuts the connection. No more connection, no more images. Note that this might also be because your connection is there one that's bad. Different app won't fix this. Servers have their own timeout too.

Second bet: you're using a low end phone with not much memory. The browser allocates a certain amount of memory to the image handler. Because you have low memory, it can't allocate as much (operating system and browser take memory too), you run out of memory allocated to image handler and they stop loading. Getting a different app probably won't fix this.

Third, and most unlikely: the cache for these images are not being held at your relay. This causes a foldback to fetch the images. Imagine number 1 but worse. Highly unlikely.