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And no, no-one's getting paid for this. Bragging rights and warm fuzzy feelings only.
MU gave small gear icon for users that join their team
at least you can show that off and brag about it
I got nowhere with this. Deleted.
Spun up a powerful VM on my company's dime to add the the cause. 32 5GHz cores will be going balls deep on this.
@BlackAeronaut posted:

It's funny how a moderator plugs something like distributed computing for scientific research - a post that most likely needed to be sanctioned by the Admins, first!

Should be obvious that if there's a whole damn sitewide announcement which admins didn't want on the site, it'd be gone in a minute, yeah.

This isn't necessarily related to this thread specifically, but I feel like some people severely underestimate the amount of communication between the staff. Seeing stuff like mods being accused of acting rogue is hilarious. If there's a problem, we discuss and rectify it. If it wasn't rectified, it probably wasn't a problem.

Although personally I've been like half-absent lately so maybe I'm not the best person to talk about communication
On a related note, it looks like Folding@ Home has stopped updating the stats for the time being, probably because of influx of users overloading systems a bit. I'm eternally stuck at 16 WU's T_T. Hopefully it's being recorded somewhere otherwise my fake point since I was at 16 WUs might have vanished into the ether.
@FusedSlayer and anyone else looking for somewhat up to date stats for their contribution to the MD team

iirc updates are performed about every 3 hours
How the hell am I in 22nd (atm) with a shitty RX580 and R5 2600? Shouldn't all you weebs have better rigs than that?

It's a good stress test for your over-clocking tho, you sure find out if you don't have enough cooling or whatever (for me, not quite enough SOC voltage for the RAM overclock by the looks)

I think GPUs generally do a better job at folding. RX580 is a very recent model. I'm not far behind with an ancient R9 290 lol
GPU folding gets you a lot of points in comparison to CPU folding, but GPU folding tends to be a heavier(or at least larger) work load, thus more heat produced and power consumed.

For example with my setup...
CPU (Intel Core i7 3930K) = 5-8k per WU
GPU (nVidia GTX 1080 Ti) = 85-100k per WU
I've always counted pc power as room heating power so I've never cared about power usage in the cooler months. It's better to add some extra load for more heat.
The grind to a top 500 spot has been slow going but we are getting there

We are steadily making our way to the top 500

Good job guys the team should be on track to quite easily break into the top 1k

Edit: sauce
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We are a top 500 team now!

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That's pretty great!
We are now in the top 400 teams!