Author 100 Days without Internet (Nise)
Day ??

Guys.... I fucked up...
I fucked up and now I have to restart from Zero.
Oh well, let's see this as a bonus...

What will I do now?
1. I will take 1 week to post this masterpiece on MangaDex and relax.
2. Start Season 2 right after.

Anyway, here is the last Senryuu/Gif of season 1.
Or maybe it could be the first... humm

Source: Shimoneta - 08

This thread is as good
As this girl dexterity
May you enjoy it.
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Day 44

Maybe going to bed at midnight and waking up at 3a.m. aren't very compatible...
Today I just kept waking up and falling asleep again and again and again and again...
an endless loop of nightmares...

Source: Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki - 08

It's noon already?
I am going to be late!
… oh well whatever

Not a really productive day...
Day 43

[Source: Jashin-chan Dropkick - 09]

To conquer the world
You need to wake up early
....and buy more cocaine.

3a.m... She wakes up at 3a.m...
I unsuccessfully tried to resolve all my problems by waking up at 4a.m. all this time.
But maybe 3a.m. was the real solution all along...
When I think of it now, it makes perfect senses.
3 Is better than 4

4 looks like a broken hourglass.
It is an image for "a waste of time".

3 looks like a pair of testicle.
Testicles represent strength and virility, they are also where life starts.

How could I miss such a simple answer all this time...
Tomorrow I will woke up at 3 a.m.
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Day 42

Hey guys, today is Day 42, and you know what it means.
It means that you will get The Answer to all your Questions.
So it's QandA time Timmy!

Can you finally respond to my question? How can a blind girl read your thread?
What have I ever done to make you treat me so disrespectfully.
You come on my thread, the day of my QandA and you try to humiliate me in front of all my fans...
You don't even think to call me General.

Refreshable Braille Displays.
You would know it if you had brought the DLC...

For real, where are day 29-36?
I already told you, I was fighting Pirates, and (sight)
I think you guys have some trust issues, and it's probably my fault actually.
It is because I didn't fight against a bear like I promised you on day 3, isn't it?
I'm sorry guys...
I know there is no words who could ever repair this relation of confidence that I have broken but,
I would like you to believe in me, because I am talking why my heart, and because I love you. (No Homo)

When will we get a new episode of “This thread needs to stop”?
I wanted to stop on a good stop, and this last stop was the best stop that I will ever stop. So I decided to stop.

But don't be sad, the Stop of a project also mean the start of an infinity of new possibilities to stop.

Are you sponsored by Pocky.
- I called them.
- They asked me how many people were reading my site.
- I hang up the phone.

I am a man of passion, but all those big companies are all about numbers, numbers, numbers... we weren't compatible.
I don't need this money anyways, all I need is the support of my lovely readers.
Support that you can show by buying The DLC ”100 Days: The missing link” on my Patreon. Only 999.99$

If breasts don't hold the key of heaven, where is the key?
It's something I have been meditating on a lot recently.
Maybe the key is within ourselves...
Personally the only things I can find withing myself is trashes, but who knows,
maybe once you put all the trashes out, the key will appear...

Anyways I think it's a good place to stop this QandA.
See you all next time for a new episode of I practically forgot the Gif.

[Source: Yama no Susume S1 - 08]

I am so stupid.
Once again I missed my chance
to reveal the truth.
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Is this a sequel of 100 days croc?
Good to see you're alive and genki though
I didn't planed to read anything but you picked my curiosity.
And it seems it will End in a week. How lucky is that?
Thanks for the recommendation.
Ay he's back!
However I imagine my future, I always see myself coming here to write dumb stuff.
I suppose this forum somehow became my home.
A nice place where I can always come back, filled be people I like.
And some of them even seem Happy to see me... how strange...

So yeah, you are no ready to get ride of me.
Day 41

Today is the last day of February.
2 years ago Billy Herington died in a car crash.
Aniki death makes me realize how fragile life was.
It is one of the big reasons of why I am trying to accomplish something of my life.
You know, it's not in my nature to try to accomplish anything.
I could have spent the rest of my existence in my room reading manga all the day and be extremely happy about it.

The happiest moments of my life were when I was in psychiatry, just gently following the schedule without asking questions...
This is how much weak minded I am.

But here I am, learning Japanese and stuff.
I don't want to be forgotten...
I want people to still talk about the Legend of BlackGeneral in 1000 years...
The day I die, I want God himself to ask me my fucking autograph...
I want to sleep and read manga all day...

Damn, this day makes no sense, lets make a Gif before the readers realize it.
[Source:Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata – 05]

Waifu is hungry?
Simply feed her a pocky.
(Beware your fingers!)
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Day 40

Source: Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki

Your surprise ガオー
Has been super effective.
Let's go eat some shrimps.

A new contender entered the “Waifu” folder.
Expect to see her a lot from now on.
I will start with a wallpaper.
Day 39

[Source: Aho Girl - 03]

Seeing all those breasts
Bouncing, jiggling, exploding...
Makes me fucking sick.

When you are a teenager, you start to care about breasts, you think that they are the greatest thing in the world and that cleavages hide the key of heaven or some bullshit...

But then one day, as your are making your 6th gif about them you suddenly realize:
“Breasts are just lumps of fat...”

It doesn't mean that I am joining the “Flat is Justice” gang either.
(because every anime community are disgusting trashes who should all just burn into the fire of Hell already.)
You know, what is important is not how your waifu is drawn but how well her character is written...

I will keep making breasts gif tho.
But it will only be in the goal to prevent kids from their danger.
(And also because I don't want to loose 99% of my readers.)
Day 38

Hey guys, today is February 26, and you know what it means?
Absolutely nothing! So it's QandA time Billy!

Why are you always trying to resolve your problems by waking up at 4 a.m?
Because I don't really try to resolve them.

Where are day 29-36?
You mean the DLC”100 Days: The missing link”?
Well, you can find it on my patreon for 1000 dollars.
I know it can sound like an excessive price but it was a really great week.

I went to a mysterious island;
Met a blind girl;
Fought against pirates;
Found a legendary artifact;
and almost get my first kiss...

My bald brothers, if one day you have the chance to meet a blind girl, be always ultra super mega giga prudent to never lets her touch your head, or a least wear a beanie...

This one isn't a question but a letter.

Dear BlackGeneral, 2 weeks ago I confided to you my worries about my flat girlfriend.
You counseled me to massage her breasts and make her drink milk, what I did.

She drank 5 liters of premium cow milk everyday.
I also massaged her breasts for 1 hour every morning and night.

But still, after 2 weeks, no hill have appeared in the valley.
But it's okay though.
All this time I spend massaging her breasts makes me realize something important.
Her back leaning against me; the heat of her body; the softness of her skin; her soothing hearth beat; the fragrance of her hair; her calm breathing; her light moans...

I love my girlfriend more than anything else.
And if an eternity in Hell is the price to pay to spend there rest of my life on Hearth with the woman I love, well, I am ready to pay it.

So thank you, even if your counsel didn't worked, it makes me find me something one million times more valuable.
True Love.
-Enrick Minoguf

[Source: YuruYuri𝅘𝅥𝅮𝅘𝅥𝅮 – 09]

He did it again
Boasting about his girlfriend
I'm gonna kill him.
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Day 37

[Source: My Gif Folder]

Learning "Sleep Learning™ "
Perfect compromise between
sleeping and learning

I always slept in classes and I can testify it, "Sleep learning™ ” really works guys.
I will always remember this conversation I had with the number 2 of my school after he lost (again) against me at some big test.

I remember his face, he looked like someone who just ate his first waffle.
He had deep black circle under his eyes, I could feel exhaustion, anger, sorrow and incomprehension from his glare.
He probably spent all his nights studying in hope to take the first place (for once).

- “How?” He said, slamming his hands on my desk
“How can you always have perfect score when you always sleep?!”
- “Exactly!” I responded pointing my fingers at him, with a clever smile.

His sleep deprived brain couldn't comprehend this information, it was too much for it, and so, it shut down.
To this day, my classmate stills in a deep coma.

Sleep learning™ mad me smart, too smart...
I was hurting people around me, and it needed to stop.
And thus, I dropped out of High school.

PS. This story is a work of fiction, any resemblance to actual persons or actual events is purely coincidental.
PPS. I really was always sleeping in classes and dropped out of high school tho.
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Day 36

It is really hard for me to tell you this but; when I started this thread, I wanted to be the most honest as possible, so here I go...

On day 27 I said that 爆乳 was read “Bakunyuu” and meant “Explosive Milk”.
I was wrong...
The real reading is “Bakuchichi” who means “Explosive Breasts”.

But lets be honest guys, I'm pretty sure that the milk of any girl who can make her breasts explodes is probably inflammable too, right?
How could it explodes either way?

[Source: Senki Zesshou Symphogear XV - 04]

Do explosive breasts
produce inflammable milk?
Highly probable.
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[Source: LoveLab - 01]

A hit on the head
The only treatment against
your stupidity.

I wish I had a friend to hit me like that when I fuck up.
That would be a full time job, tho.
The guy would rapidly evolve into the greatest striker in the world
Then win multiple prizes, become millionaire and completely forget about me...

Damn, even my imaginary best friend abandoned me after only 5 minutes.
Day 27

[Source: Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-Kun Ep07]

I will make them grow
Flat isn't immutable
Nutrition is key.

After 7 months of learning Japanese I am happy to announce that I read the title of this magazine without the help of a Dictionary.

It is write “Bakunyuu” who means “Explosive Milk”.
It is probably a scientific review about how eating too much fish turns women's milk into a combustible, because of the mercury and stuff...

It feels good to finally be able notice my progress after all this hard work.
Day 26

[Source: Joshikousei no Mudazukai - 04]

I'm not a pervert
I just enjoy to be wet
No double meaning.

After this scene, her headphones became green (probably got water damaged)
I though it was kind of a cool detail.

Anyways, speaking of broken headphones, I broke mines too yesterday.
They died after 2 years of loyal service.
You know, they may have been the cheapest I found but… no they were just the cheapest I found.
No way I'm getting emotional over this garbage.
Whether or not divorcing the internet for 100 days is easy or not depends on
A. Unfinished business
B. The quantity and quality of hobbies you have off the internet
C. Commitment

Divorcing the internet for 100 days gets easier after the first week, and even easier after the second, because at that point you have no choice but to switch gears from impatient to committed.
I don't have a lot of unfinished business on the internet. I have no friends on it. I can't think of a single manga that I (really) want to read that I haven't already read. I've basically read every manga that fits my niche. I've fully listened to every band that I genuinely want to on Spotify. Other than watching a couple of Youtube videos and catching up on ongoing manga that I don't want to read anymore all I do for fun is read library books, play video games offline, and watch movies with my family.
Though I choose not to, divorcing the internet would be easy, barely an inconvenience.
Well, it's the contrary for me. All my life is here.

Internet is a vast place, I still have thousands of video/novel/manga/music/artistes... I want to find, and more appears every day.
I don't think I will never finish my business...
Divorcing the internet for 100 days gets easier after the first week, and even easier after the second, because at that point you have no choice but to switch gears from impatient to committed.

I suppose it's easier if you already have an "Real Life" with family, friends and stuff...
For me, a Friendless Neet who can't go outside of his room, it never became easy.
Thankfully I have enough imagination to entertain myself.

But yeah, I agree with you.
Day 25

Well, I didn't receive any PM from blind girls but, I did receive a lot of Questions.
So it's QandA time baby.

Q. My girlfriend is flat as a pancake, she doesn't seem to have any key, what to do?
A. I read in a manga that getting your breasts massaged by the one you love and drinking a lot of milk makes them grow. You could try that.
Now get lost normie!

Q. I am gay, does this mean I am going to Hell?
A. A great Gay sage who lived 700 years ago, gave to his disciples this enigma before dying: “The key of the Back Door is inside the Back Door “
I personally don't know what it means but I hope it can help.

Q. What is today Gif?
[Source: Beatless - 01]

Holy Imouto
Your ガオー is marvelous.
Let's go eat ice creams.

Q. How could a blind girl read your thread?