Author Chapter 124 (Release That Witch)
Lol three wives damn, but that guy that got hit in the head with a cannon ball 🤣
Their motivation to keep living despite being heavily wounded is just to see Nana and have her heal you 😂
Anna's but was talking. Also she is clearly wearing very skimpy panties, that was a good bit of curve we could see under that skirt.
>Say switch to grapeshot (consistent with the WN, since enemies are closer now)

>Still show large cannonball

.- . I know the artist don't give too much attention to details, but the point of the grapeshot was that the enemies thought they can bumrush the defense between cannonball shots (and hope someone else got aimed at)
But the grapeshot (aka shotgun shell for cannon) basically make a giant wall of death in its effective distance making trying to 'avoid' the shot basically impossible.

Oh right another thing is that in the WN the enemies never got that close to the bunker.

WN basically went:
Nightingale assassinate the first guy, Echo use the same timing to fake the command.

Bombarded with cannon.
Pelt with revolver fire.
Then finally when they got close enough to just chuck the spears, grapeshot get revealed and it's gg from there.
Yeah, I feel like the artist is either not being told 'exactly' what he's drawing prior to the text being added later on, or is just being lazy.

To play devils advocate here....
Its possible that the cannon shell we saw was one of the last big once fired as grapeshots have poor long range and not everyone changes ammo type at once.
Loading a cannon is hard work and they are not going to stop mid reload to swap ammo type.

And yeah they never got super close to the bunkers only close enouth to throw spears but for people who dont have super powers thats not that far off from how it looks here...
Also i'm also fairly sure bunkers are built in a line to not hinder the vision of other bunkers and not in diamond ish formation.
So both are most likely from the artist not knowing modern warfare and how spearthrowing with superpowers work just like you said.
For a manga who have almost too much details its kinda funny in a weird way how little the manga focuses on these details.
Y does everyone want to see the loli, are they lolicons? 😑
“His condition is bad but not life-threatening”

HOW? The spear is literally impaled in his left breast deep enough you can’t even see the base of the tip! It’s clearly lethal!
Boom! Headshot!

Also, that bubble placement xD "here is where you're supposed to look."