Author corrupt-a-wish
you know the drill

A : i wish i have an iPhone
B : granted , but the first-gen iPhone

B : i wish i can get 100$
C : granted , but 100years later

and so on

let me started

i wish to have hittler's authentic sign

additional rule : denying wishes , yes im calling you @blackyawgdom

let's play a fair game shall we 😎
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Granted, but you gonna have his moustache cut for life

I wish to be a cute loli
I remember killing this type of thread before dejavu?

You suffer from progeria

I want to kill this thread
granted but after mangadex declared to shut down the site

i want to be as macho and buffed as the joestars
Not happening dude,
You will die an early death.
At least you'll be buff.

I have a wish here,
I demand some Yorkshire tea!
Feed my British needs.
you get the tea, but its laced with cynanide
i wish to become successful
granted. the year is 1933 and you are the first Jew to be on Hitler’s summer school.

I wish to know every language in existence.
Granted, you get every language of every species in the universe from the past, present, and future; which will overload your brains capacity to store information.

I wish for one hundred wishes.
granted, just write ninety nine more wishes in this thread.

i wish for some free meal everyday
Granted. Your body has been turned into Hobo Chili to feed a hundred homeless people.

I wish to summon and control the Eldritch Horrors and other various tentacle monsters.
Granted. You are now a Sorceror of the Chaos God Tzeentch. You can control the daemons that are fused into your own body, but you have defacto sold your sole to the Chaos God most known for dicking people over. Enjoy your new life as a puppet.

Best case scenario, your dick becomes a mushroom. Worst case scenario, you become dust and lose your ability to control your own body. @blackyawgdom

I wish I felt that I was loved to a degree that would be considered "healthy" by the current standards of mental health and that I was at least viewed as a respected member of society to some extent based on it.
Wish Denied. As codified in the Genie Rulebook, Wishes involving Love are out.
granted, you got extra nothing.

i wish i got myself an apple farm
granted but ryuk and other shinigami swarm it each harvest

i wish i have a kitten

Granted, but it's a Schrödinger's kitten.

I wish I have a pillow at the moment.
But the little shit never grows older, cannot be killed, will always return to you, has claws that can slice thru low grade steel, likes to swat at your legs as you pass (constantly slicing your leg to ribbons ala Itchy and Scratchy cartoons), does standard cat behavior of knocking EVERYTHING off counters, and you will never have any solid rolls of toilet paper ever again, all of its actions are treated as your imagination cause something so cute cant possibly be so evil.
Oh and it refuses to use the litter box, preferring your bed, shoes, and clothes.

Its basically the spawn of satan in a 3 pound fluffy package.

I wish for a minifridge that connects to infinitly large subspace/inventory that restocks every day any missing items at zero cost, containing all brands and vintages of liquor and cold sodas.

*edit damn, took too long corrupting the kitten wish.... The pillow belongs to Lucifer, in the form/personality he takes in the Vertigo Comics/Sandman Universe.
Granted but you can only open it for up to 5 mins per day.

I wish for immortality.
granted but only for 1 microsecond

i wish i own a cow-milk farm
Granted, but the cows must feed on your family's corpses

I wish for rock music to come back
Wish Denied. It never left.