Author Chapter 14 (Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to)
@readercat Bakaupdates says 0 chapters and here theres a page but with no entries
What is it about?
Didn't know Kirito love Legend of the galactic heroes.

Rofl and cringing so hard when that kid introduced his name 🤣
Incredible having the last page advertise the spinoff that nobodies translated, real helpful.
@reu I too seek that answer...

edit: @Alicitzen that's because the last page is from the author, not the scanlation group
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Wild chunni appears
Either chuuni or a German.

The way the vendor just threw a stack of apples in her basket tho hahaha, if she ever wishes so, she could crash the economy.


Indeed she's 10x cuter, she's at the least +1000 in Charisma.