Author converting books to audiobooks
Has anyone experimented with converting books to audiobooks using TTS?

I am currently using wavenet to read Commentaries by Julius Caesar. I am still working on the timing for pauses but so far it has been pretty good.

voice en-wavenet-d
speed 1.04 pitch -40

Google made their neural net dataset available, I am working on setting one up at home for fun.
Both I've used
not really a converting ebooks to audiobooks, but im also kinda in the same back then looking for a text to speech solution for reading webnovels and lighnovels on the go. so far iOS (iphone or ipad) has the best solution for this so far.

so far iOS is probably have the best Text to speech solution that I ever come that works on all kind of reading scenarios I have, either a epub/pdf (using ibooks) or the entire novel in a webpage (most ongoing english translation novel), iOS have native text to speech support on all apps, so even the webnovels that I read over the internet (not a pdf or epub, its a webpage) can be read by siri by a finger swipe, alas android doesnt have this kind of text to speech support, except if you install microsoft edge that supports read aloud (basically their text to speech, but it only works if the website have reader mode unlike iOS it basically reads anything that have text).
It's really?