Author Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! live-action movie is announced plus tv mini-series
Movie poster
Source- ANN

Source- LINE

Minami Umezawa - Sayaka Kanamori
Asuka Saitō - Midori Asakusa
Mizuki Yamashita - Tsubame Mizusaki
^They are Nogizaka46 idol group members
that actually looks like it might be decent
the one thing I liked about eizouken is how their characters didn't really look or sound like normal-anime-girls (heck I don't know what I mean by that) with their awkward figures and scratchy voices, but these actors look like idealized idol girls
but after all, it's not easy (?) to have not-idealized (whatever I mean by that) girls in a live action film anyways so...
and that 2nd picture looks pretty cool anyways
oh and also Kanamori looks hot enough in this adaptation too so i'll be optimistic

I also wanna see how they make that "rough-sketchy art style" you see in the anime in a live action.
I still have only watched episode 1, but I liked the gremlin and the tall overbite girl, so thats a minus point for the movie.