Author Chapter 36.1 (Koushaku Reijou no Tashinami)
What a good friend
I seriously believe that this manga can stand on its own without it being an isekai.
It's a compliment fams.
@Archomp but then how else our mc supposed to introduce all that modern education, accounting, business principle, fashion, and cuisine?
and yuri won't be half as terrifying if she's just a normal commoner with mary sue tendency.
good girl Mimosa

Too bad no Orange's comment, it have become one of my favorite part of this series?
@Archomp Isekai imo should be used as a tool instead of a formula. I think this story is doing a good job at that.
@Tyizor Absolutely. There are good and bad Isekai, and "Tool vs. Formula" is probably the best way to define the boundary between the two.

It's not easy writing a fantastic story that organically explains the setting and context to the reader, and Isekai gives you a shortcut to that because the MC is usually foreign to the world themselves.
@Tyizor @mage_goo
Yea but, if we just take out the whole "This was a otomege, I've been reincarnated as the villainess".
It's still a good story about a clever young lady who was betrayed by her fiance and then try to find her place in the world.
Also, we can just say that Iris has been interacting with foreign politicians, businessmen, and mentors and she has learned a lot about exotic technology and business practice.
The story itself can still work. At this point, isekai not a tool/formula but a "brand" so a manga/novel can be hip-with-the-kids.

Nother example, Ascendance of a Bookworm- if we take away the isekai, It's about a girl that wants get out of poverty by selling books. Which is frustating, because it's also good but need the Isekai brand to sell well.
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@Archomp "Learnt it from overseas" is generally considered an asspull unless the author takes their sweet time building said overseas country.
And that would detract attention from the core story.

And again, making Yuri always succeed because the author arbitrarily decided so is way less exciting than making Yuri always succeed because the whole world bend itself to make her succeed.

As for Ascendance, it's less about selling book than it is about making them, no? And is it really about getting out of poverty when the MC just really, really wants a book?
Cut the isekai and, well, you need way too many series of really convenience happenstance just to put the MC on the starting point, and even more to progress.
Aww, it is nice to see that Iris has a good friend during the academy.
I hope that Orange-sama will be able to comment again soon.
Did anyone realize that they indeed made her more fat than in the first chapter? (Remember when his brother didn't recognize her? I found it strange that no one mentioned it)
@Archomp !!! That's the name of the manga I've been trying to find for the past few weeks! I knew there was an isekai about a poor kid just trying to introduce books into her world, but I had forgotten what it was and couldn't find it anywhere, thanks!
This is the second time I've read through this manga, and the interaction between Iris and Mimosa here still stands out as an exceptionally good moment. Even though I've already been through it, it still makes me teary eyed.