Author Diamond no Ace - Act II
I like this manga, but how are they still playing practise games? This manga's pacing is glacial sometimes.
If Sawamura doesn't get the title of Ace here when he held his own (with help of courses) against the strongest teams, I may have to stop reading.
AT LAST... TV Anime is HERE
Where is the new chapter? were finally at a game and they're going to take a break???
This mangaka must really hate Sawamura
It's been a long time since I last read.
I don't seem to be going to try the 2nd anime in this season and choose where I last left.
Put it bluntly, the tension in arc 2 is not as tight as before. All matches and training are really more like just warming up with many self-conflicts that occur. But it's better because it's not too repetitive.
If I told to choose which part is able to arouse me so far: I like to see the battery between Sawamura and Koushuu, the indirect challenge between Miyuki and Mei (though only a little bit), 17 winning in a row, etc.

And here we are... it's finally started the anticipated arc!
Ugh, I could feel the anxiety felt by the people around when Sawamura stood on mound. He always messes up when responsibility is imposed on him.
I thought as long as he competed with many other schools - who did show his best results to be able to get the ace number - there will be a change in Sawamura's psychological overcoming in the field. Now, Sawamura became the 2nd Furuya because his obsession targeted something high (not because of the opponent's pressure from a fully used strategy).

But this is actually an interesting challenge itself.
Jinguu -> Koshien
I remember when he finally got the position of ace as the 'opener of the summer tournament' which made it possible for him to get down anytime if he screwed up even to Koshien. This is a challenge for him as the ace for the first time - and whether he can meet those expectations.
thanks so much for the scanlation! ive been following this manga and its prequel for years!