Author Can't read on Mobile Version
Avatar Sena 9 days ago
Ive used Opera and Google Chrome but the pages dont load at all no matter how much i wait, only the thumbnails on the main Page do load. Im using Android 4.0.

Ps. The web version on my PC works just fine, using Opera's browser
Avatar ebgeek 9 days ago
Same problem as this person. I'm on Android 4.4.4.

No pages from any manga loads.

Also long titles ruin the follows page, needs a word wrap or something.

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Avatar nexorions 9 days ago
Same problem on iPhone Safari (iOS 10)

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Avatar Bioinfinite 9 days ago
None of the actual manga pages show up on iOS
Avatar bocchi 9 days ago
Could you try with a more recent version of android? Android 4.4.4 (kitkat) is from 2014. With iOS, try using chrome.
Avatar Sena 9 days ago
I have the latest android version my phone (Huawei Ascend P1) allows, if i want to update i'd have to root it which i'm saving as last resort.
Avatar compacity 9 days ago
same here, android 5.1.1
browser : lightning and chrome
phone : vivo v3 max
Avatar JaneDoe 9 days ago
Same on the Google Pixel 2 XL. I can't log in either even if I clear all my cookies.
Avatar lenovoaxioo 9 days ago
also can't read, chrome, android 8.
Avatar nexorions 9 days ago
Tried using Google Chrome, still not working

Avatar ebgeek 8 days ago

My tablet is old so no it can't. Although reading some of the other replies makes me think it's not a version problem.

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Avatar Teasday 8 days ago
@lenovoaxioo posted:

also can't read, chrome, android 8.

If true, this is the most surprising news I've heard all day. What device are you using?
Avatar FreYa 8 days ago
Have the same problem here ! You are not alone :')
Avatar kenthnisshoku 8 days ago
im using my vita to read manga here before the update

now the pages wont even load anymore
Avatar bocchi 8 days ago
@lenovoaxioo I'm using Android 8.0.0 (Galaxy S8) and it works with both Chrome and Firefox.
Avatar compacity 8 days ago
just wanna report, it is ok now, thanks.
Avatar Nolzi 7 days ago
@bocchi FYI in iOS no matter if you use Safari, Chrome, Firefox you will still use the same engine (WebKit)
Avatar Sena 7 days ago
It's fixed form me now as well