Author Chapter 29 (Fechippuru ~Our Innocent Love~)
That was awesome

Oh, so that's why.. that shocked me so hard I thought this was actually a horror manga until I realize it's the credit page.

btw, what do they mean by "cursed arc"?
Edit : Nvm, I finally figured out it was because of the "cursed roleplay" thingy.

That's a very rough situation, you're dealing with.. imagine scanlating things for free only to be complained at. r/choosingbeggars.
Holy mother of internet boards, I went to /a/ for context since people were mentioning it but were dragged to some Girls' Last Tour board with Depression and Existential Crisis.

Haven't had a taste of 4chan for so long.
@Dascalon: So you just want all of the readers to be sycophantic yes-men who never dare to point genuine mistakes if you ever make them, no matter how well-reasoned their arguments are? Also, "the hate is mutual" can only be true if I actually hated you, which is blatantly false; I said I lost my respect for you and that I hate the stupid joke that you shoehorned into the translation, not you personally.

Seriously, methinks you need to go cool off your head and then look back at this whole situation with a calm mind, because you keep twisting everything that I say into something far more negative and insulting than it actually is.

@Winchan: Funny how you resort to the "beggars can't be choosers" rationale when the complaint has nothing to do with the translations, only with throwing in something that not only has nothing to do with the manga itself but impedes the reader's ability to read the last page properly (I couldn't even get to the last panel before the gif abruptly switched to the yandere-themed heavily-distorted credits page), and makes people terrified that their computer has suffered a serious software/hardware error (which is not funny; I already have to struggle with my increasingly aging laptop until I can afford buying a new computer).

Besides, by your "beggars can't be choosers" logic, I don't have any right to call out someone for trying to serve me literal shit simply because I have no better alternative for my need than said someone.
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@MarqFJA87 no fuck you, it's my work, I'm the one who has to spend hours doing something I don't fucking like, I can do whatever the fuck I want with it, why do I have to bow down to you and make it easier for you to read? It's my fucking choice to do what I want with it. Fuck off.

I'm not gonna entertain your rambling any longer. So salty about a jump scare, pathetic.
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@MarqFJA87 My condolences, mate. But he actually does have a point. What he actually could have done is that added a warning in the credit page like "Danger Ahead" to make it even more sarcastic. The quality of the manga chapter is actually much better than some of those shitty releases I've seen recently. I don't know how much you know about editing but if you worked so hard for something, I guess you could get a bit creative without thinking about someone else.

@Dascalon Noice work... Though why did it take 2 times to reload the page before I saw it... Is it because my laptop's crappy?
Oh... P.S. In the first page, "...we slept all together..." ... wouldn't "...we all slept together..." feel better?
@Itida_Ariel_2568 thanks for the suggestion, fixed.
@Dascalon: If you hate doing this so much, then why do you bother with continuing to do it in the first place? It's not like any of us are pointing a gun to your head.

Also, the fact that you actually think what I'm being "salty" about is the jump scare itself is what's truly pathetic. Read my comments again. What I'm criticizing is 1) how the jump scare was implemented (messing with the last page of the actual comic, instead of putting in a separate credits page), and 2) the lack of any reasonable context to justify the jump scare (there's not even the excuse of Halloween, the one time in the whole year where it wouldn't be surprising to see such jump scares).

And you know what's even more pathetic? You keep throwing a deluge of curse words at me and my comments with every response, even though I've yet to do anything of the kind and kept my comments politely worded in an effort to make this argument civilized.

But he actually does have a point.

And what would that be, pray tell? All I'm seeing is someone that I believed to be a reasonable and respectable adult act like an entitled child with little to no emotional empathy whose only answer to a complaint made on legitimate grounds and with no actual insults or swearwords is to immediately dig his heels in and deliver "my way or the highway" rants with the F-word being used at least once per sentence, without bothering to provide any actual counter-arguments.

I don't know how much you know about editing but if you worked so hard for something, I guess you could get a bit creative without thinking about someone else.

I may never have done any scanlation-related editing (unless you count the occasional spellchecking-and-whatnot for a certain scanlator that I shall not name out of respect for their privacy), but I do my damndest to put myself in other people's shoes before pulling an alleged prank on them. If I find it likely that I would seriously not enjoy being on the receiving end of said prank, then I wouldn't do it in the first place.
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I meant that since he's the one working on it, he can do what he wants unless it presents an idea in complete contrast to the Mangaka's. And if you read my comment... In the beginning, I mentioned that there should have been a warning "Danger Ahead" or something like that. And besides it's just a simple fluffy manga.. Let's not dwell on it much.. As I said, my condolences... I have nothing against you. Some people found it interesting, others did not. Me, personally, didn't find it either "scary" or very "impactful".

As for the language he used.. No comments. Might be a bad mood day or simply his temperament.
I'm just saying that in comparison to their work on the entire chapter... One page of fun isn't too much, is it?
P.S. He didn't pay me to write this...Trust me.
I hope you get this resolved with him.
: )
@Itida_Ariel_2568: You clearly haven't been reading my arguments properly, because the jumpscare itself isn't the problem, it's how it's implemented. I have yet to see anyone provide a good reason for having it implemented in (and by proxy, merging the previously standalone credits page) into the last actual page of the comic. If he had kept the credits as a separate page and implemented the jumpscare in it alone, I would've simply shrugged it off (wouldn't be the first time that I saw someone try something they thought was clever in the credits page; the annoying Ricardo dance gif on some other scanlator group's credits page that I don't remember right now comes to mind).

As for "resolving" this matter... I wouldn't be surprised if Dascalon had already blocked me by the time I read his second-to-last comment here, considering the childish immaturity he has been demonstrating so far.
Well, that last page was interesting... not sure if the sound was part of it or something else playing on my PC XD! RIP
@MarqFJA87 I see...
@dskilly: FWIW, there was no sound on my end.
@MarqFJA87 Are you fucking dumb? Can't you read? It's my work I can put in whatever the fuck I want. How can you not get such a simple thing. We are not slaves to you, it really doesn't fucking matter what you think about it at all. There's literally no argument to be made here. We want to, so we do it and there's not a God damn thing you can change about it. There's literally no reason for us to prioritize how the readers would feel versus what we want to do. It's such a simple concept but you're so egotistical that you can't even understand it. Do you think that if you have the last word you're automatically right? Stop being so fucking pathetic. Readers like you is why all readers have such a bad stigma as being entitled. How we do anything is our business, if you don't like it then don't read. And stop bothering my fucking staff members, you pest. You know why I have been so mean? Because I can't fucking deal with your fucking entitlement anymore.
@MarqFJA87 Dude, stop. Why are you concerned about this. This is all based on your opinions, you thought it was not tasteful nor clever, you thought the chapters weren't "cursed". But in the end that's all it is, your opinion. And @Dascalon clearly doesn't agree with those. What they want to do is up to them. Your reasoning makes no sense to me. It is their work, how they implement anything is up to them. If you keep being on a high horse while making no sense, of course he would go ballistic on you.

If his reasonings weren't clear enough for you then let me summarize it, it's quite short actually:
+He thinks the chapters are "cursed" and he really didn't like working on it at all. Cursed chapters get a cursed ending is the idea here.
+Even if he had no proper reason to do it, he still has the right to do it anyway because it's his work, he has no need to mind anyone else.

It's just a meme man, if you didn't like it then you didn't like it, why is there this need to go on about sympathy and shit. Ngl your attitude was insufferable. Honestly don't even say anything more, you're just bothering him at this point. This shouldn't even be an argument in the first place.
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@MarqFJA87... Have you been going at the staff members as well? Not cool, man.
Chillax... It's a silly thing to argue about when you consider all the better things you can put that energy to. And you already tagged Dascalon - the group leader which is usually a last resort so.. please don't involve the staff... they could be clueless and might even get hurt because of this... And I'm saying this from the point of view of someone who has to look after staff members as well... We are all doing this for everyone's fun at the end of the day.. sacrificing some time from irl shit.
Please overlook such small things and enjoy all the other things there are...
Happy Reading!!
: )
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Never thought I would see a middle school anime club argument here, but here we are.
@Dascalon: The translation is your work. The comic itself is not. There's a big difference, one which you seem to take very lightly if at all, considering how you implemented your prank.

Also, all I did was express my concern to your fellow group member about the possibility that I'm not talking to the actual you, but an impostor who hijacked your account to try tarnishing your name. Please stop painting it as harassment.

And if you really think my behavior is proof of supposed "entitlement", then you have a very loose idea of what the word means. I'm not the one who started cursing up and down at another person simply because they expressed a contradictory opinion (even if it was rather harshly worded). I'm not the one who insisted on vilifying the other party in the debate just because they dared to stand their ground rather than kowtow in fear in the face of the former's initial outburst of vitriolic invective. I'm not the one who insists on conflating someone who offered legitimate albeit harshly worded criticism with all the actually entitled riffraff that truly harass translators. I'm not the one virtually screaming at another guy that they should shut up and never speak their thoughts ever again unless they are of sycophantic agreement.

Seriously, if I had actually demanded that you fix what I'm complaining about, then you would've had actual grounds for calling me "entitled". All I wanted was for be sure that weren't under the potentially false impression that your prank was universally appreciated/tolerated, and maybe have you try to convince me that there is in fact a good point behind it; you're the one who misinterpreted what I said, accidentally or deliberately, as implying that I'm demanding the issue to be rectified, no ifs, ands or buts.

Last, but not least... cursing up a storm goes well beyond being "mean"; it's downright vulgar. You want simply mean, try pinching someone so hard that it hurts.

@ChronosGate: I was perfectly expecting this to quickly end with an "agree to disagree" outcome, but then Dascalon's very first response was to cuss a storm at me, accuse me of things that I know I am most certainly not (even I now admit that I shouldn't have been so harsh in wording my criticism, but what's done is done), and generally villifying me for no apparent good reason. You're blaming the wrong person here.
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@MarqFJA87 Dude shut up, you seriously are annoying. Go read the raw next time if you don't consider this his work, alternatively there's the Portuguese and Spanish scans. Stop pinging me, I don't want to deal with your bullshit anymore.

FYI, just because someone cuss a lot doesn't mean that there's no reasoning behind it all, but that's all you seem to focus on to gain higher moral grounds.

Seriously stop pinging everyone, you're annoying.
Fine, then. I was giving you the due courtesy of knowing that I actually responded to give you a chance to put a rebuttal, rather than come across as trying to get the last word by operating on the assumption that everyone else has left the conversation.

For the record, though, the cussing is the least of my concerns here. It's the slew of false accusations levelled at me.