Author A way to fix the old .org RSS feed subscriptions?
After the domain changes, the old .org RSS feeds do not work anymore, and I'm looking for a way to fix them. Simply subscribing to the new feeds would require a ton of work, since each feed title name has to be set manually.

I can see a couple of ways to approaching the problem, but since I'm not a coder, I'll ask here first in case someone smarter has already figured it out. Some search & replace operations to the old .opml file of my feed reader to fix the xmlUrls maybe?
I'm having the same problem. And having to re-add over an hundred of series manually would be a huge pita ^^;
OK, I succeeded.

This is how I did it, I'm not responsible if you ruin your feeds using this.

I added a new feed, then exported the .opml file from my feed reader. (Feedly: Organize sources -> export OPML)
Then I searched the file for examples of both old and new feed xmlUrls. In my case all the old ones contained a string starting "cWgZ..." and the new ones "kH25...", not sure if they are same for everyone. Then I searched, copy/pasted & replaced the old strings with the new ones. (Notepad++)
Then I imported the edited .opml file back to my feed reader. For 250 feeds it took a few minutes.
I use quiterss but the way it work should be the same (with the opml)
I'll make a copy of it just in case something goes wrong.
I'll try that. Thanks.
So be clear ...
This is what the old rss had:

While this is the new one (for the same manga) :
/rss/qM3kwDSs9bTxdu2c7hY4KrmXtpZeBAga/manga <--- so we replace the one on top with the new one right ? (since all of them have the same string).

P.S. yes I just tried and it works ... Thanks ^^

P.P.S.S. the bad thing that happened tho that I lost where I was at ...meaning it's all unread ...oh well...better that adding them one by one manually.
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Np. 🙂 Looking forward to the RSS revamp, hopefully we'll get the titles automatically then.
Avatar's a pain to have to wrtite-copy/paste the title for each one.
How do you fix this problem? It didn't get fix even when I use the other server.
Sorry if it's off-topic, but...

adding them one by one

you don't use RSS in Follows?

edit: if you knew this feature and still don't use it...
do you mind tell me the reason?

sorry, If I'm being rude
My ad blocker (Ublock origin) for some reason considers the Mangadex RSS icon a nuisance and blocks it. I disabled cosmetic filtering only after I'd already explored the place, so I was not aware of the feature. Thank you.

I tested it a bit. The problem is, it clumps all the sources in one feed. I rather use my feed reader to see statistics of specific feeds in one place. That makes it easier to compare to other sources and to make decisions to prune the inactive ones.
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Yeah, same. I always waiti for 2-3 ch to be ready before I read them. So having them separated it's a must.
And re-adding them one by one is a pain.
For me that method worked. Only drawback is that it forgot at which ch I was ...but then I just check in MD at which point I was and is done.