Author Isekai Tensei Soudouki
@FRASH_18 im pretty sure MC uses body strengthening magic in all his battles.

-unique starting plot
-unique character building
-the MC faces his problem realistically
-interesting plot
-good comedy


-artwork maybe can be improved a little bit more

9/10 Great I re-read it several times
Its been so long but finally things are heating up again

Cant fuckin wait
Ah yes, the classic, "Drug Mule," move.
Another dropped manga?
Manga slowly turning political. As you read on, the story focuses less on the main character and more on politics and world building. Kind of getting stale, but we'll see how the plot develops.

@abajurvermelho Raws skipped a month and ch57 came out last week. I assume we'll see another ch soon then we wait another 1-2 months.

edit: yeah new upload only 2 hrs after this comment
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There's really no reason for this to be an isekai at all hehe
If you really wanna better follow the story one should just read the LN on bakapervert, it is already translated to vol 9(manga is at end of vol.4) and it will take several more years for the manga to catch up.
@firefox1234 where is the manga now in relation to the LN ?
@BigCoffee end of vol.4
Why has 38-42 been reuploaded as the same translation but a different scan?
@Mpwilson123 The new uploads are higher-quality scans. Cleaner, higher resolution, etc.
@katanon actually, it gets better. I ended up reading the novels, and the author got to surprise me.
Despite the harem it has good plot
Just hoping that mc is older physically
even if he's mentally older
All females be having pedo vibes to an 11 year old boy
Not a bad isekai. A bit too focused on politics / nobility / etc... but could be worse.
Balud has some interesting character quirks and flaws... Still seems to be a bit young to be ruling over land and building a harem of older women...

The pacing of some parts of it is a bit wonky.
And there seems to be an over-representation of completely figureless ... alleged-females... but better that than full on loli-cast, I guess.
At least there are two Best Girls... though one has got sidelined and the other seems doomed to a Bad Future. Makes a dude worry.

Oh... and we seem to be stuck with some really low-quality visuals past a certain point, which is a shame. The HQ redraws were stopped or something? =<

Well whatever. It ain't bad. It ain't super great either. Just sorta... middle-okay.
I'm kinda confused, is Teresa actually a guy? And the Franco de Frank is actually a woman?
I mean, going by the character designs, they sure are. Franco certainly is not a feminine or androgynous man, but rather a every so slightly masculine woman.
And Teresa might just be a trap. I did read that chapter but I'm still not sure because;
That otaku guy thinks Teresa is a reverse trap, that usually a female pretending to be a guy. But I have my doubts about it because "that's a story for later" Arc called them a "reverse couple" that still implies that Franco is a guy but acts a a bride but I'm still no convinced.

TL;DR Teresa is a serial sexual offender if he's a guy.
Pretty sure Teresa is a tomboy just like Tomo-chan (from Tomo-chan wa onnanoko!)
Her only boyish feature is the chest department; but then again she's quite young. I'm just gonna assume Teresa as a reverse trap.
If I were to decide to take up the novel now, at what volume should I start reading leaving off from the current manga chapter?