Author We're looking for help to finish this Gomennasai's awesome loli tank
Yosh OP
Yosh OP
Warning: Very much NSFW.

Myself and a band of similarly interested madlads have been working on this tank for literal years on and off, mostly because we are lazy tards.
Well, I'm sick and tired of being a lazy tard so I am actually determined to finish this time. Hopefully. Most definitely. Please, God.

[Gomennasai] Dakara Kami-sama, Boku ni shika Mienai Chiisana Koibito o Kudasai.

This shit is hard. It's redrawer hell. But it tickles my bones (and my dick mostly my dick) a lot so yes it must be done. And Gomennasai-sensei deserves a good job.

So that said, we are looking particularly for redrawers, TL checkers, and typesetters, particularly those who can do handwritten sfx ("moansetting") would be great. If you want to help in other ways, that's very welcome too.
Be warned, this is not an easy tank to work on. Lots of editors have fallen in the process. Moreso the reason that we need all the help we can get, but I would say we try to maintain a reasonably high standard.

If you can't contribute your skills but similarly want to see this completed, I guess we can use the bounty system or something? Not sure how that would work.

Message me on discord, twitter, or email me. The group discusses on discord.

Edit: Wow I really fucked up the title there. Seems I can't edit it, oh well.
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