Author Happy New Year: Temporary Shutdown and Site Maintenance
finally all the manchildren will get some time to reconsider their life choices
Man, 2020 is off to a bad start.
Flood, blackout, and now i can't access MD for 3 days, i'm doomed

Thanks for all of your hard work though, i hope the server change will go smoothly without any hitch

Guess I'll hang around the discord server, always good to discuss manga
Changing site name to Mikudex Pog
@Zephyrus , Do you know what exact time when Mangadex will have down and what timezone will be using.
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Thanks for the announcement. Take your time. But, 3 days huh... Should I binge some anime then?
(...) because our host is no longer able to support us and we need to move to a new hosting service.

Is it perhaps because of storage capacity/bandwidth? I'm not familiar with these things, but I hope it's not pressure from you know who....

Oh, and Happy New Year to the team and everyone, scanlators & readers!
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I guess I'll have to be a productive member of society for a bit then.

Carry on the excellent work!
oh no, when will this start? i need to finish... things

@Su_37 i see a fellow heavily rained citizen, except mine doesn't flood... or having blackout... at all. Shall your grief won't linger long with you
Will chapters still be uploaded during the downtime?

If so then I can binge read when it goes live
@Nick86 My guess would be bandwidth versus storage. All the manga peeps be using all the widths up....

Happy New Year all!
Public Relations
Don't know, we're just following the message they told us

Yotsuba is the best

We don't know an exact time, it'll just be as long as it takes for us to migrate. It's not a long process, so don't worry about it too much.

@Aryrha @phoenix_eD
We push about 1-2 pb of data a monthish in total, I guess. Not a huge lot, especially when compared to video streaming services. Total storage ain't a big issue either, MD fits in like 9 tb of storage lol

No heteros allowed in 2020, everyone's homo now

No, the site's gonna be down
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I see, believe something different but guess is not the case. Oh, and happy new year to everyone too.
@Plykiya false
Discord? Nope, sorry. I don't do electron.
@Plykiya Thanks for the update. So, it sounds like we do not use enough. I will do my best to use as much bandwidth as possible and get us to streaming video usage levels! 😁
72 hours....
guess I'll be binging anime during that time...
Dont know exact time.... But it takes 72 hours.....

While my last long holiday end at 5th Jan..... PERFECT 👍
72 hours huh? I guess I could finally go back to reading ebooks/light novels in the interim. Have a huge backlog that I've been neglecting because I keep grabbing new series to read in-between doing surveys and just general downtime here.
Happy New Year and hope everything goes smoothly.
I am going to throw myself into the sea.
Thanks for letting us know in advance, happy new year to all.